Strange Fruit

I did like the poem. It was kinda weird but it helped me understand stuff about the south at that time. Some thoughts I had was that people didn’t care what happened to African-Americans. So because people didn’t care, the people that hated them had the freedom to take their freedom away. Of course there were people who cared such as Atticus in To Kill A Mocking Bird, but they were hated to. And I think a lot of people knew it was wrong but they didn’t care cause they were “Strange Fruit” to them. So that’s why we should except everyone and treat them the same regardless of the color of their skin, how they look, or how they are, because they can’t control that

How I’m doing with the Coronavirus

This Coronavirus has impacted everybody, even if they disagree. School is out for a couple of months, people are out of their jobs working from home, and doctors and scientist are working themselves harder than ever to help people with the virus and help cure this disease. And lets not forget the shortage of toilet paper. With me right now with no school or sports to occupy my time, I feel extremely lazy and not productive. I think I have become a master at procrastinating. I have been thinking, if all our work for school is done at home, we have a lot of homework, but then what is homework? For the positive side of things; my family has become closer together, I have gotten to catch up on my reading!


Mr. Ewell is not shaken from his story, but Atticus carefully plants the seed that Mr. Ewell himself could’ve beaten Mayella. Mayella takes the stand next. Even though Atticus believes that she’s lying, he treats her with courtesy and respect; Mayella thinks that he’s making fun of her. Her testimony soon proves that Mayella is unused to gentility and common courtesy. Atticus asks Tom to stand up so that Mayella may identify him; as he does, Scout notices that Tom’s left arm is withered and useless — he could not have committed the crime in the way it was described. The state rests its case.


I didn’t really like the poem, I thought it was kinda dumb honestly. like I see what the author was trying to say and everything, but doesn’t everyone already know that? I know I did, this poem reminds me of the movie Billy Madison. He is making his case to the head of the business and when he finishes and sits down the man just says “no Billy that had nothing to do with anything and we are all dumber for having heard it.” that’s what the poem reminded me of so you can see what I thought of it.

Strange Fruit

I didn’t really like the poem, but I did think it rightly represents that time. It kind of disgusted my, and at the same time it made me mad, and sad. I think the author was trying to teach the world about such stuff, because most people might not even know it is happening, and others might not realize how bad it is. I didn’t find the poem to hard to understand, I think the author tried to be pretty straight forward. This connects to To Kill A Mockingbird because in the book it talks about how some of the town folk wanted to lynch Tom Robinson. In the poem it is also talking about lynching, luckily in the book Tom doesn’t get lynched, though it is close. Lynching was, and is, a horrible thing, and the poem does help us see how bad this is, and helps us relate it into the book.

Blind Spot

In this book, there are plenty of messed up things people do and think but in this particular case the Cunningham’s where willing to hurt their friends just to kill an innocent black man. even after all of this Atticus still considers them good people just with some blind spots. now I can see where Atticus is coming from, he’s always been an understanding and forgiving kind of guy. so even though these people were going to hurt him, he still thinks there good people because that’s just the tip of person Atticus is. you also have to consider the time period in which this book takes place. for me, I don’t think I would be as forgiving and open-minded as Atticus.

Climbing Into Another Person’s Skin

When Attics tells scout to walk around in somebody else’s skin and walk around in it. It means that you need to be in someone else’s shoes to really know there life weather if there struggling or not it really helps you understand that person more and attics was trying to explain this to scout. Image how many people would have not committed suside or how many wars we could have stopped if we just climbed into other people’s skin. Just next time you judge or even make fun of kids try to put you’re self in there shoes before you do either of those things you can really save lives by doing this.

Where I’m From

So I don’t know the history of my family but I can tell you how we ended up in PG. So I was born in AF and went to Shelly elementary as a kid I wen’t to AF junior high for 7th and 8th grade and then I moved to Lehi an started going to PG junior High then over Christmas break I moved to a different location in Lehi and this summer I think my family is going to move to PG finally. Mostly because I am playing baseball for the PG high school team and I wan’t to go to PG high school because I didn’t like AF.

Getting to know my inner voice

I have learned over the days that my inner voice is very distracting and doesn’t help me reflect on the story. I think are inner voice can really help us understand and relate more to the story but also it can be a distraction like it distraction me. You can train you’re inner voice to be useful but it will take a lot of reading a practice but if you don’t like to read than this will not be possible and you’re inner voice will always be distracting. I think that I will have a distracting inner voice because I don’t like to read and I don’t have to time too.

What Went wrong?

Its crazy to think about slavery when people were owned by white people so they could work them so hard that they could get sick and die. I have always hated when the people have voted for every one to be equal yet they own blacks to make them slaves. Over the years starting from 1960 the laws changed so slaves were free but they have not changed to much for example the blacks had no were to go they couldn’t really get jobs and were left with nothing so they sometimes had to go back to gardener or being farms to make money and have a living.