The First Story I Read:

I picked the Story “All Summer In A Day” by Ray Bradbury. The Story starts out to explain that their are these kids on the planet Venus, (Even though if you were on Venus you’d get crushed from the amount of gravity, but who cares about science? ;)) and on this planet, there’s constant rain and clouds. These children are in school looking out the window for what scientists have predicted: The Sun to shine for about 2 hours. With all the extreme weather, there is almost never sight of their nearby star, and their scientists predict that this occasion will only come every seven years. Being 9 year old children, they don’t remember anything about the sun, except for what they think are memories but are actually just their imagination. But there’s a girl named Margot, the main character, and being the main character it’s natural that all the children hate her. The reasons for this are found in this “wonderful” story. With the sun about to shine and the children wanting to go play, will Margot go with them? Will the kids let her? Will she even want to? Anyone can find the answers in this story by Ray Bradbury.

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