Blog #2: Steelheart’s Backstory

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I remember when I first discovered my powers. I was at school, sitting next to my sister.



“You’re rubbing your skin raw with your eraser!”

“Oh whoops. I keep doing things like that. It doesn’t hurt me. And look, there’s not even a mark.” He leaned over and showed him the proof

“Oh yeah? Nothing hurts you? We’ll see about that,” and before he knew it, he was on the ground and she was shaking her fist in pain.

“That didn’t hurt. Is my nose bleeding?” He touched his nose lightly but saw nothing as he pulled his hand away.

“Not at all. How did you do that?”

“I don’t know. But let’s see what else I can do.”



It wasn’t long before I accidentally bit into a piece of steel that was previously a piece of pizza. Or got angry and felt a sudden wind storm. My powers came to me quickly, and I quickly learned how to control them. But sometimes they controlled me.


“WhAaaAAaAaaat?!” Everyone walking around us in the halls parted ways for Alayna. I knew she was behind me before I even turned around because I could smell her sweet, sugary perfume.

“Have you seen m-,” she was interrupted by a shove from a boy walking down the hall.

“EXCUSE YOU,” I heard her scream. “Hey you! You wanna go??”

“Alayna stop.” This boy was much bigger than her. Bigger than even me.

Gulp. Here he comes.

He slowly turned and walked toward us, a fury in his eye I had never seen before. This was no mere high school fight. He wanted blood. He stepped closer to Alayna, their noses almost touching. With one swift movement, he knocked her feet out from under her and shoved her to the ground. And as quickly as he had knocked her down, his body was making a dent in the lockers.

“Don’t ever lay a finger on her again.”

“You’re so pathetic. Have to have your big brother fight your battles for you,” he scoffed.

“First of all, I’m four minutes older. Second of all, I can take care of myself,” she replied as she shakily rose from the ground. She stepped closer to him as I saw him reach into his coat.

“Alayna wait!”


The bullet bounced off of me and fell to the ground. I sighed in relief. “Sorry for pushing you Alayna,” I said as I turned toward her. “Where is she?” She was nowhere to be found. Suddenly I heard a groan from all the way down the hall. I ran toward the noise, my heart shattering as I saw her crumpled body, her bleeding head, and the hole in the wall.

“Alayna!” I grabbed her from the puddle of blood, holding her in my arms as I ran to the nurse’s office. “Do something!” I yelled at the nurse, her usual stone-cold face breaking, tears forming in her eyes.

“Honey, I-”

I looked down. She was already gone. I collapsed onto the floor, clutching her body, hoping if I held her tight enough, she would come back to me. I laid on the floor of the office for hours, nonresponsive as people tried and failed to rip her from my hands. I held her to my chest, felt my own heart beating and pretended it was her’s. I laid there, wishing the bullet had gone through. I laid there, hating myself.

This was my fault. I killed her. My powers killed her.

I eventually fell asleep, and they seized the opportunity to take her body.

I felt a darkness inside of me that I had never felt before. The pain was deep and real, and it overtook me. That’s when it started. The darkness dragged me down until I was in too deep to escape. So now I am evil, and Alayna is gone.

Blog #3: Series Project

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It’s not a series, but I am reading three books by Robyn Schneider. I chose to read these books because I’ve had two of three on my list of books to read for months, so now is a perfect opportunity to finally read them. I’ve always been really intrigued by Robyn Schneider and her writing. At Barnes and Noble, they give you a list of three books you might like when you purchase books. Robyn Schneider’s books have showed up on my list three times now (I spend too much time and money at B&N). I’m really excited to finally read these books and see what I’ve been missing out on.

I’ve started the Beginning of Everything, but I’ve read very little of it. I generally try to read one book every week or two, so I plan to give myself a week or two to finish each book, so I will be finished with all of them by 6 weeks at the latest.

Book Show and Tell

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Eleanor & Park is about a young girl named Eleanor and a young boy named Park (obviously). Eleanor is awkward, has crazy hair, and wears the wrong clothes. Park is fairly popular and cool. At the beginning, Park sits by Eleanor on the bus, but doesn’t talk to her because she’s weird and unpopular. Slowly, over his art and their shared taste in music, they start to bond, and fall in love rather quickly. It’s a book about bullying, abuse, self acceptance, popularity, fitting in, and love. It’s a beautiful book with an ending that will make you so happy/sad that you won’t be able to help crying.

I would recommend this to anyone who has struggled to find themselves and fit in (so everyone). It’s amazing, and I can’t imagine anyone reading it and regretting it.

Blog Post #1

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I learned to read when I was four years old. I learned earlier than most kids, and I really haven’t stopped reading since. My favorite books were the Harry Potter books. I read the first three in first grade and had read the rest by the end of third grade, and I’ve read them many times since. My favorite place to read has always been the safety of my bed, where I can laugh out loud and cry and have ridiculous facial expressions without being judged. I love to read YA Fiction, especially if they’re full of angst and love. I only read one book at once, because when it’s good, I usually finish it within a day or two. My favorite books right now are All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven and I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson. Some of my all-time favorite books is When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead and Eggs by Jerry Spinelli. Overall, I just really love to read, especially books that make me feel understood and like things will be okay.

Hello world!

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