Love Moderately

I think that Friar Lawrence was trying to say don’t act like you guys are kids or don’t act like your age, love each other like adults. I think its good advice I mean it’s not like todays it’s similar but today its more strict, but for advice back then it helped, it probably helped like how you love this person and can’t live without them basically how your on your phone and are like no you hang up no you hang up and its awkward, loving moderatly is just look at your parents see what they do be kind to each other love each other all the time but don’t make it weird. Romeo and Juliet might use this advice in the future but they don’t make to the future but they could’ve, kids at that age are not loving moderately ready there brains are a lot different then adults brain. They will have to take Friar lawrence advice and take it slow with the marriage.


They might hate each other so deeply because of jealousy, who has more power somthing like that something stupid like that. Same thing for me too like if someone has the new iphone I get jealous or if someone kills me in fortnite, basketball I get really confused and it makes me mad but I will dislike that person who has the new iphone and I want to find and destroy that person who killed me in fortnite, it’s irrational because it’s just a game and who cares if someone has a beter phone than me or basketball I guess I need to practice more. We will probably end up like the Montegue and Capulet where we hate each other untill sometime in the future where some incident happens and we become friends after a long time, but we have to learn to control your feelings and we have to learn to forgive those and then we can finally find peace with are enemies.

Should Schools Still Teach Shakespeare?

I think that Shakespeare should be taught for those new kids that come into Junior High or Highschool that get to learn something new and be taught basically where english came from. Some teachers might disagree because they have been out that school for years and what ever that grade may be where they start to teach Shakespeare have done for a period of time and are sick of it and want to teach something new for once, and I agree it can be a pain but I think that it becomes easier for over the years and you might find something new. From the article the author says its history teachers should crave for history because no one is alive from 402 years ago so I think it is cool that we know about this guy. I think we should keep going with Shakespeare because It is interesting that from that long ago thats how they knew how to right and right now its hard to right so I think we should carry on shakespeare. 

What I Don’t Know About My Fellow Students

It’s very interesting to know people or our fellow students. There stories that they share of there greatest fear, greatest memory, etc you get to know and imagine how it was like. There is a lot of students at this school that I dont know or don’t talk to, most of the 8th graders and 7th graders and 9th graders I actually know most of them, anyway we don’t know everything about these people like what happened this morning what happened yesterday were thay sad, happy, whatever it might be, all we know is they come to this school trying to get good grades so I think its best to talk say hey to people we don’t know become there friend try an make there day a good day if they are having a bad one. In the book To Kill a MockingBird they say we have to crawl around in there skin to really find out why this person is acting that way so that’s where they say hey or become there friend.

Work Will Work When Wishy Washy Wishing Will Not

All jokes aside my grades were as good as I wanted them to be, for an honors class I did pretty good second term B+ which means the rest were A’s hopfully that B+ will be my worst grade in this class because we still have one more term to go. What I really want to focus on is writing and quizes if we have them in the near future only because when I read I really never got stuff out of it I would read and the next forget what happened in that chapter so hopfully I can work on that by lowering my inner voice it does tend to get me off topic a lot. Writing is like essays and free writing I understand free writing is just free whatever you want to talk about but I don’t mkae it that way I try to make it funny but it gets to serious when I get into it and I fell like my free writing is a great essay, essays I don’t understand like how we put important details from the book I feel like what I put in the essay is good but when I get it back it is just a solid C which confuses me makes me frustrated and the thing is the first essay I did I got it back not a good grade but will still make my grade good and thought I could do better but next essay I did the same thing I reall dont know how I will change my essay writing maybe somone could help me out give me a few tips but for now I’ll just have to try and improve.

What makes a perosn great?

What makes a perosn great in mine own eyes is being them selves. When a person is with a group and does all these things that they don’t do and has the courage to say no I don’t do that and walk away but in a nice way makes them a great person. I think another way that a perosn can be great is caring for everyone your enemies people you dont know your family even just caring for them ask that randome person how was your day. Another way is understanding where they come from walk in there shoes for a bit understand why they act this way and thats how a person is great.

To Kill a Mockingbird Review

There is a small town named maycomb where the charaters of Jem, Scout, Atticus, and many others live. Jem and scout are very curious to the Radley place and really want to meet this guy named Boo Radley. They try to do everything they can just to get him out of the house but can’t instead they just wait to see if he would come out by himself. It starts by Jem having his arm broken asking his dad if he will be able to play football soon. The plot gets complicated by events that just keep happening in the book like something big happens then another big thing happens. I like it because it catches your eyes when my sister said you’ll read this book in this grade throughout the years I wonder why you would read it so I could’nt wait to read it and its a very interesting book. My dislike is its very slow but I don’t care thats usually how books are. Reccomend to ages of 14+ only because I feel like it will make more sense.


Films will always be different from the book so for that it’s actually really well, I will say the stuff it says in the book like in the beginning will say it at the end in the movie. I will say it might strenghthen the message because you do get to see it and what happens instead of imagineing it. My favorite part is the mad dog was going insane jumping all over the place. I feel like the trial was powerful I really hope that poeple weren’t always found guilty because in the movie the defendent was found guilty but he did nothing wrong he was accused of something he did not do. I felt like in the book they explained meanings in the book that were like I get what that means and was a real jaw lower when there was a good phrase they didn’t do that with the movie. I reccomend this to anybody who finished the film.

Good Stuff

“It’s not time to worry yet,” Atticus reassured him (243).

This is meaningful to me because if you have a younger sister or brother and something goes wrong they are going to freak out scream cry do this whole thing but your there calm and say we can fix this. Jem said this a handful of times in the book. Jem is talking about its not time to get nervous, scared, cry, and worry, you worry when the fire spreads farther or worry when one of your family members is in the hosbital something like that. The effect it has is it just stands out and can just make you understand that everything will be okay. The future of the book is it will stand out to people and make them want to read again. I picked this qoute because I use to worry when people came to are house when its not that clean, I use to worry about my little sister playing outside and nobodies watching them but it calms me down just because are neighborhood is safe.

An Authority on Courage – Jimmy Dean

My friend had a tough decision to make either he could save his girlfriend or he could save the world if he went for his girlfriend well everyone would die but if he saved the world she would fall a nasty horrible drop from 5ft up in the air, let me remind you that she Is gullible a tiny papercut and she would freak out. My friend Brayden was sitting on his couch waiting for his jimmy dean breakfast morning sandwhich with sausgage and egg and cheese to be done fresh and warm straight out of the microwave key word radiation wave. He heard it beep, got up and took it out of the microwave steam al’round  he said it smelt so good he took a bite out of the jimmy dean sandwhich and the world was shaking the jimmy dean sandwhich fell out of his hand on to the floor. The person the only person the person who was standing right infront of him yes you said it not donald but even a better man jimmy dean the creator of those sandwhich’s and an actor of a kid show. He said what’s wrong, brayden replyed my girlfriend is strapped if I went for her the world would die but if I save the world by cutting that red wire she will fall to her death I dont know what to do. Jimmy dean replyed I made snadwhiches that are fake and could kill people that takes courage and its up to you what should you do. A min later he stood up with a head up high and took some real courage to save his girlfriend.

Real Courage

Courage to me is being able to go up on stage with thousands of people watching, also its live so maybe even millions of people watching you at home or in the building. You have stage fright, you have butterflys, and a red face, your think your gonna do something wrong but then you really don’t and at the end you say you could do that again. When i ever have to go in the front of the class present a project for a book report or some other project like my heart gets bumping my palms are sweaty im shaking because its scary and I feel like people will make fun of me in reality thats just not true. In reality people like it when you give a talk in church or present that book report in english you just got know that everything is okay and breathe. Holding a gun when a lot of cops are around you that takes courage but not real courage like I said when your on stage so are courages are different from eachothers.