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“It’s not time to worry yet,” Atticus reassured him (243).

This is meaningful to me because if you have a younger sister or brother and something goes wrong they are going to freak out scream cry do this whole thing but your there calm and say we can fix this. Jem said this a handful of times in the book. Jem is talking about its not time to get nervous, scared, cry, and worry, you worry when the fire spreads farther or worry when one of your family members is in the hosbital something like that. The effect it has is it just stands out and can just make you understand that everything will be okay. The future of the book is it will stand out to people and make them want to read again. I picked this qoute because I use to worry when people came to are house when its not that clean, I use to worry about my little sister playing outside and nobodies watching them but it calms me down just because are neighborhood is safe.

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