To Kill a Mockingbird Review

There is a small town named maycomb where the charaters of Jem, Scout, Atticus, and many others live. Jem and scout are very curious to the Radley place and really want to meet this guy named Boo Radley. They try to do everything they can just to get him out of the house but can’t instead they just wait to see if he would come out by himself. It starts by Jem having his arm broken asking his dad if he will be able to play football soon. The plot gets complicated by events that just keep happening in the book like something big happens then another big thing happens. I like it because it catches your eyes when my sister said you’ll read this book in this grade throughout the years I wonder why you would read it so I could’nt wait to read it and its a very interesting book. My dislike is its very slow but I don’t care thats usually how books are. Reccomend to ages of 14+ only because I feel like it will make more sense.


Films will always be different from the book so for that it’s actually really well, I will say the stuff it says in the book like in the beginning will say it at the end in the movie. I will say it might strenghthen the message because you do get to see it and what happens instead of imagineing it. My favorite part is the mad dog was going insane jumping all over the place. I feel like the trial was powerful I really hope that poeple weren’t always found guilty because in the movie the defendent was found guilty but he did nothing wrong he was accused of something he did not do. I felt like in the book they explained meanings in the book that were like I get what that means and was a real jaw lower when there was a good phrase they didn’t do that with the movie. I reccomend this to anybody who finished the film.

Good Stuff

“It’s not time to worry yet,” Atticus reassured him (243).

This is meaningful to me because if you have a younger sister or brother and something goes wrong they are going to freak out scream cry do this whole thing but your there calm and say we can fix this. Jem said this a handful of times in the book. Jem is talking about its not time to get nervous, scared, cry, and worry, you worry when the fire spreads farther or worry when one of your family members is in the hosbital something like that. The effect it has is it just stands out and can just make you understand that everything will be okay. The future of the book is it will stand out to people and make them want to read again. I picked this qoute because I use to worry when people came to are house when its not that clean, I use to worry about my little sister playing outside and nobodies watching them but it calms me down just because are neighborhood is safe.

An Authority on Courage – Jimmy Dean

My friend had a tough decision to make either he could save his girlfriend or he could save the world if he went for his girlfriend well everyone would die but if he saved the world she would fall a nasty horrible drop from 5ft up in the air, let me remind you that she Is gullible a tiny papercut and she would freak out. My friend Brayden was sitting on his couch waiting for his jimmy dean breakfast morning sandwhich with sausgage and egg and cheese to be done fresh and warm straight out of the microwave key word radiation wave. He heard it beep, got up and took it out of the microwave steam al’round ¬†he said it smelt so good he took a bite out of the jimmy dean sandwhich and the world was shaking the jimmy dean sandwhich fell out of his hand on to the floor. The person the only person the person who was standing right infront of him yes you said it not donald but even a better man jimmy dean the creator of those sandwhich’s and an actor of a kid show. He said what’s wrong, brayden replyed my girlfriend is strapped if I went for her the world would die but if I save the world by cutting that red wire she will fall to her death I dont know what to do. Jimmy dean replyed I made snadwhiches that are fake and could kill people that takes courage and its up to you what should you do. A min later he stood up with a head up high and took some real courage to save his girlfriend.

Real Courage

Courage to me is being able to go up on stage with thousands of people watching, also its live so maybe even millions of people watching you at home or in the building. You have stage fright, you have butterflys, and a red face, your think your gonna do something wrong but then you really don’t and at the end you say you could do that again. When i ever have to go in the front of the class present a project for a book report or some other project like my heart gets bumping my palms are sweaty im shaking because its scary and I feel like people will make fun of me in reality thats just not true. In reality people like it when you give a talk in church or present that book report in english you just got know that everything is okay and breathe. Holding a gun when a lot of cops are around you that takes courage but not real courage like I said when your on stage so are courages are different from eachothers.


The idea of it I just dont know why Atticus would do this even if he¬†absolutely knows he is going to lose. Is really that hard to try and stand up for the case no because in a basketball game if your team is down 20 points everybody on the losing team is gonna play hard even if they do lose by 10 to 5 points you still made an effort. I really dont think you should sacrifice anything for a case just get all the evidence and what ever else you can find its not really like you lose a leg for it. Atticus is a willing man he’ll stand up and fight he will put up a good fight if he uses those words like that but If he loses the case nothing would happen to there family but its just sad to them because a gu will be locked up and that puts a toll on them.

To Kill a Mockingbird–So Far

To Kill a Mockingbird–So far is good in my eyes its very misterious and interesting at this point and like those things so I really enjoy the book for it being a old book. What I like about it is the way the town is and how joyess things are bad or sins to there religion and so this charactor Boo Radley is now becoming a man who wants to get out meet people but since people think enjoying something is Nathan prevents Boo from trying to introduce himself to Jem and the other kids. My dislike is nothing to do with the story its just with the reading the wording is so hard to read like when I start reading im at a good pace I read smoothy through the book and then there are those two words that just are put together but sound wrong and thats what I dislike. I still dont have a clue why this book is still so popular like im confused about that.

Climbing Into Other People’s Skin

I think it means to see things from that certain persons point of veiw like if a kid were messing around or acting up maybe sometime in the day something bad happened and thats why they are acting this way. I feel like trying to understand people and what there going trough just help them out you know they will see that your a nice person and they’ll become your friend. I dont really do this to random people its a good thing to do but when I see someone acting up in school being rude im going to go ask them like whats up ask them whats wrong and all that I mean I do that to my friends I wanna know like whats on there mind but not with soe random people I dont. Is it helpful I very much believe so because when you get in a conversation with them they tell whats going on if it be something good or something bad you can be like i’m happy for you or be like I understand it will get better I went through the same thing they will see your there trying to help and become good friends with you. The idea of it is good its good to see from people points of veiw you judging is making things work then you will act up and people wont come to you they will probably be rude to you so just understand where they are coming from.


Empathy is sharing an emotion with someone like remember that one scene in guardians of the galaxy vol. 2 when that weird bug lady touches shax and feels his feelings its something like that. I do think that people need just because when one of your friends beloved family dies you want to be nice to them care for them be there for them instead of like be a man grow up rub some dirt on those tears you’ll be fine get over it something like that you not neccassarily be crying and sobbing boogers coming out of your nose not like that but cheer them up go to the store buy some food or go to the movie try to get that death of a loved one off there mind for a bit. If you dont have empathy you dont have emotions I feel like you always have a straight face how do you get it either friends to hangout with or rehab maybe. So last year 2017 I had two poeple in my family die my uncle my moms brother and my grandpa my dads dad they had died and I was obviously sad real sad I had my church leaders come over my friends come over me and my sister stayed home from school so that my mom could take us out go shopping eat and movie but they had empathy my church leaders came over and made cookies hugged us and tryed to cheer us up so thats empathy.

2nd Semester Goals and Aspirations!

I felt like I did good last semester 1st term I got an A but 2nd term I got a B+ i could’ve done better. My strengths were other assignments besides essays I kinda had a hard time with that. At first annotation was hard but I actually got help and now it is quite easy and other small assignments that Mr.Green has given I got it done. Essays were hard because when I thought I met the expectation that Mr.Green wanted I didn’t It was a bit off by going back changing sentances making it sound better I feel like that will be able to help me be better at writing essays. My goal will be better at writing essays for this new semester not this semester but many semesters to come as in highschool which the essays will probably be like 8 pages so I better try hard now.

Design Thinking

I think that its a good idea I enjoyed presenting the poetry using kahoot, at first it seemed hard to think of the ideas to create for our presentation but when it was done I felt like all of us understood what was going on but we had to read the story first. I feel like creating a presentation from a poets writing helps be able to write more fluently you go with flow and maybe it makes english easier or english teachers are just trying to try new things instead of using stuff from like 100 years ago. We did once it kinda helped It was a first timer but it did when we setup are presentation on the large paper all the questions we had to answer it did get are minds thinking so it was helping just we should do a couple more. We did as a team and that helps when your older when you have work you might have good ideas you and your team or you will be able to brainstorm more eaily.