My Favorite Things

MY favorite things.  


One of my favorite things at family. I love my family. The are the best. This Wonderful Christmas seImage result for ice skatingzon, I want to go ice skating with my family. They are also supersportiv, and they are super kind.


Anther of my favorite things is playing football. I love to play football because It fun, and it is a great way to release anger. It is also a great way to make friends. I met some of my best friends playing this year.


Anther of my favorite things are Christmas food. It is the best food ever.Image result for football


Dering christmas eve me and my family go out to eat at a breakfast restaurant. Then me and my family go to see a movie. We then go out to get new toothbrushes. We alRelated imageso, go to my grandmas house the night of christmas eve, and we get new pj, and it is way fan. Wall were there we play games, and eat food. It is way fun.  


What I am planning to do over the brake is problem spend it with my family. Me and my family want to go sledding. But during the break we eat a lot of food. We always ends up that we have leftovers for a week. One thing that I do want to do, is go snowboarding.


My new years revulsion is to get good grades just like this year. I also want to not get grounded at all this upcoming year.

Hello world!

Hello world

         My name is Gabriel Geist. Football season has started, and I am on the 8th grad football team. I love to read about football and watch football. I like hockey and weight lifting.