Book Club Response 1

Within the last few chapters, Adele (Yael) has been fighting for a top spot in the bike race whilst simultaneously dealing with Luka Lowe and Felix, Adele’s brother. Yael’s facade is slowly slipping away, her face not fully hiding the cracks in her knowledge of Adele’s past and personality. Felix is catching on. He knows that “Adele” is acting different and he’s bound to reach the real problem soon.

Some themes I see being built more and more are that Yael cares about every single life, no matter what. She runs into soldiers in the street and instead of killing them when she has a clear opportunity, she knocks them out. Another clear example of this is when she’s trying to find a way through the pack of racers that are blocking her. She sends one man flying off the side of the road and can’t help but feel guilty. She thinks she’s killed him but Luka informs her that he is still alive. She is relieved, thinking something along the lines of “But what is one life really? Everything.”

Ryan Graudin was born in 1987 in Charleston, South Carolina. She loves to travel and says she was born with a “severe case of wanderlust.” She also comments that she was always incredibly fascinated with World War 2 and that time in general. There was a great contrast of both very evil, cruel people and things happening, and people who were very heroic and pure and good. She continues to talk of how the more she researched the more relieved she was that the war ended in the manner it did. She then goes on to state “As an author, however, it’s my job to look at the world through a What if? lens. What if the Axis powers had won the war? What would that world look like?” Although she did not live through that period of history there was still hours and hours of research that went into making this novel. She not only did a lot of reading research but also went to a dirt biking course, shot guns commonly used during World War 2, and was gifted a Japanese blade that is referenced within the story.

I have not finished Wolf by Wolf yet but I always get sucked in so easily and just want to read all the way to the end without stopping. I honestly have no clue what is coming next. All I know is that it won’t be wrapped up within this book because I found out there’s another book in the series. I think someone else has to die, partly because death is a very prominent part of Yael’s backstory and she is fighting so hard to keep any more death away. Also, authors are sadistic and like to crush people’s hearts and set fire to their souls.


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