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Fire fighters are a great example of courage. To be a fire fighter you have to be able to have a lot of courage. Courage sometimes can be hard to have but sometimes things can inspire you. How much courage would you need to be able to run into a fire and try to save people and stop the fire. being a fire man could be very scary and you would need a lot of courage to be one. Courage is a good thing to have. You can accomplish great things when you have courage. courage is almost the same thing as being brave. Fire men are very good at being brave.Image result for fire man

Shylocks message

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What Shylock is saying is that even though we all may have differences such as looks, religions, race or gender we are all human and we all have feelings and we are all the same. In The Merchant of Venice Shylock says, “Hat not a Jew hand, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, and passions?” He is basically saying right there that even though he is a Jew he still has the same traits and feelings as everyone else. Kala in the movie Tarzan is telling Tarzan that even though she is a gorilla and Tarzan is a human that they have the same body parts and stuff as Tarzan and that they are a lot alike. In the show Sesame Street there is a big party and all the monsters of Venice were not invited so Grover said to one of the humans that they are a lot alike and that they laugh like them and cry like them and what hes trying to say is that even though the monsters are a little bit different they have feelings too. The person I picked for a good example of this message is Martin Luther King Jr. and what he said is that all men are created equal and the color of your skin or your religion doesn’t matter that all people should be treated equal.


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Gold Vs Lead

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My dad is on team lead, he put others needs before his own. He is a great example of caring about others. He helps me with baseball. He encourages me to put others before myself and hes spends so much time at work trying to provide for our family. My dad is always making us very good Sunday lunches. He spends a lot of his time coaching my baseball team and doing a great job. Every morning he wakes me up for school and makes sure me and my siblings gets to school on time. My Dad uses a lot of his time working in our yard to make it look good. He has me help out and teaches me to be a hard worker so when I grow up I can be a successful person. He always makes us very good breakfast. I am so glad for my dads example he has set for me!Image result for hot breakfast

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the biggest influence in my mom. She is an amazing mother she buys me food and treats me good. She is a nurse and shes good at it. I’ve known her since i was born. She is kind to others around her and that inspires to do better and treat people kindly. She has made my a lot easier.

she cooks lots of great food.


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the sound of thunder    

           The story was good i liked how it talked about if you mess something up in the past it could change big things in the future like when they talk about stepping on one mouse. A good lesson in this story is to listen to your leaders (parents, coaches, etc.) They really put some thought into this story because they can only kill dinosaurs that are about to die.

Unexpected act of kindness

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A  few years ago, early in winter me and my family went to temple square in Salt Lake City. We were walking around looking at all the cool stuff. It was really cool and also really cold! We were walking down the street heading to our car and we walked past this homeless guy at the time I was about seven years old and I had see very few homeless people in my life. I felt really bad for the guy because he was on a wheelchair and had a breathing mask. So I went over to my mother and asked her for a dollar. She asked me why while giving it to me and I took the dollar and gave it to the man. I left a very warm feeling in my heart and it was a very good experience.

about me

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my name is Gage Trane and I’m 13 I like sports like baseball, football, and basketball. I also like lots of food like pasta. My favorite kind is Alfredo. I like hanging out with my dudes. I like to not go to school. My favorite food is chicken sundays. My favorite game is Baseball. My favorite music thing is Macklemore. His best song is Can’t Hold Us.

Hello world!

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