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Egypt has opened up their airspace to qatar flights. Qatar has had their own air lines since November 22. 1993. Since covid has hit the flights have been limited to none. a qatar airways plane is schduled to land in cario on friday.It will be the first commercial flight between the two countries since Egypt joined Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain in a boycott of Qatar in 2017, accusing it of cozying up to Iran and financing extremist groups in the region.

The poblem being adressed is qatar airway flying to other airports. Qatar has had a past with some of these countries for a while now and is just now being adressed. now im not sure why qatar has had problems but i do think the other countries see them s some sort of threat. Qatar is a Beautiful place that people visit and ive hear good things about it.

Like the said the counrty itself doesnt have too many things going for them. They have many rivals and not so many friends. I think their country is in a state of unrest and they arent leading to anything good. ive learned about this country and its been super benificial to see how another country is ran.


Airport officials: Egypt reopens airspace to Qatar flights Saudi Arabia airspace airspace airspace Qatar | The Independent

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Qatars population is 2,903,265 people. Doha is where most people live. Doha is the capital of Qatar, in 2010 796,946 people lived there. Al Wakrah is another major city in Qatar and the population there is about 88,000. Doha has many modern buildings and museums to visit.Arabic is the language spoken but english is also used. although I could not find any statistics on things in Qatar i did find this very interesting; The cause of most deaths in Qatar is ischemic heart disease. ( 57.1%) the second most cause of death is road injuries. (31.8%) the third most cause of death is diabetes. ( 48%). islam is the main relgion, the citezens in qatar are about 90% Shi’a muslims and 10% sunni muslims.  Some basic things that happened in Qatar to create history is 1916-11-03 treaty establishes british suzerainty over Qatar, 1972-02-22 khalifia bin hamid al thani becomes emir and prime minster of Qatar. overall Qatar looks like a very beautiful place to visit.

links i used :,Buddhist%20and%20of%20course%2C%20Muslims





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i selected the country Qatar. I chose this country because I want to learn more about it and the things that happen there. I think it would be a very interesting country to learn about. I hope to learn and discover about how the country runs, and how the people live. What kind of jobs does this country have? How does the schools run?

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