October 9

Life After Death (Chapter 1) By: Evelyn Gerber

“Alright! Let me read one more page!” I yelled up the stairs. I was trying to read and get ready at the same time. Not a good idea.

It was a beautiful crisp October morning when I remembered there was a book report due the next day. I am an extremely slow reader so I had about 24 hours to read a 200 page book and write a 600 word essay. That’s exactly how I love to start my Morning. And yeah, it was a Monday.

“You’re going to be late!” My Mom called from upstairs. “She’s here!”

She was referring to my walking group. We walk to school everyday, unless there is bad weather. We don’t walk home everyday though. We have some friends that we have carpool with, they also walk home with us. On A days we walk home, but on B days one of the girls in our group has Violin. Her name is Eva. She can’t walk home with it so we get a ride. This is why I like B days. But of course it’s a A day because B days can’t start out this badly.

My day only got worse.

Something I do when I’m stressed is I get grumpy. Then people get offended and fights happen and my stress doesn’t get any lower. Only higher.

So I had a feeling that the next 24 hours were going to be complete chaos. Yay. This kids is why you don’t procrastinate.

Someday I wish that I will get powers to stop and start time. I would be able to do things in time like this book report. I would get it done in stopped time then go back in time and no time would have passed. Maybe a second. Just a second.

I hurried up the stairs and quickly ran out the door.

My Mom cleared her throat like she was trying to get my attention.

“Forgetting something?” She said.

I ran back inside, kissed her goodbye, and ran back outside to meet my friend.

Emily was the only walking today.

“Why are you the only one? Is Katelyn okay?” I asked.

“Yeah she’s fine she just doesn’t want to walk today, well, she doesn’t want to walk to school again… It’s just you and me bud!” She said sadly then cheered up right away. She never is sad for too long.

It was cloudy outside and I love cloudy days, but today I didn’t even notice them.

We started walking to school when Emily asked, “Are you ready to have a magical day at school?”

I wasn’t paying attention when she asked this, my nose was stuck in my book.

“Livy. Olive. Olivia!” she yelled, trying to get my attention.

“Oh sorry. I have a book report due tomorrow and I haven’t even started the book yet.” I mumbled.

“I get it. I did that once.” She grinned. “Bad memories.”

“Yep.” I said not really knowing what she was talking about. I needed to finish this book.

“Yeah.” She sighed, then cringed like she relived her memory. “Ugh! really bad memories!”

She was trying to get me to talk to her like¬†Oh I’m sorry honey boo boo what happened?¬†But I didn’t have time for that.