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The machinations that wheel us there

1. Do you believe the narrator when he tells you what will happen to the characters?  Or do you think he’s messing with you and the story can still end differently?

2. Do you agree about the “machinations that wheel us there” being more important than knowing the ending? Is it possible to still enjoy a story if you know how it ends in advance?

Yes i believe death when it comes to someone dying I wish he were lying because Rudy is one of the better characters in the book and it would be more pleasing to learn his death when it happens but what can you do.

First machinations mean a plot or scheme. So for death to say the mysteries of twists are less important then the plot of the story I would have to agree. The  plot and building of the characters is more important then the twist that they die at the end because you learn to like the character and the story they build for themselves. Would you prefer a characters death being spoiled but learning more about them before they die or not knowing the death but not knowing much about the character in the first place.


Max abandons his family

Max abandoned his family to save himself. Soon they will end up in the Nazi death camps while Max ends up in the Huberman’s basement.

Did Max do the right thing? Was it right for him to save himself when he couldn’t save his family? Should he have stayed with them? Was he right to go? What do you think?

In this part of the book Max was confronted by a man who said he could take one of them and protect them from the Nazis. Max refused but went anyways because his family push and encouraged him to go. So yes max did the right thing by going because its what his family wanted him to do. Even though he said he wouldn’t go because they all couldn’t go with him his family made him go and he did. Staying with his family would have lessened the guilt of leaving those he loved to die but he would have died with them in the end anyways.

On Stealing

Is it okay for Liesel to steal when she does? What makes it okay or not okay? What are some of the consequences of her stealing so far? What are some consequences that you think she might have to deal with in the future?

Is it okay for Liesel to steal when she does, no and yes. Stealing in never okay but the times she steals books its books that were left behind. But stealing food from others even though it was funny is not okay. Stealing someones food may make them starve too. The consequences for stealing for liesel are much worse then for us. She would have to think about beatings from her mother, the wraith of the Nazi party, and maybe even legal action from the priest and military for breaking the rationing. In the future if she does steal and be sloppy about it she might get caught and stealing from Nazi germany does not sound smart.

Are Books dangerous?

Why do you think the Nazis were so worried about what books people read? Are book dangerous? If so why? To whom are they dangerous? Conversely, can books be liberating? How? Share your thoughts on this subject.

In my opinions there’s no way for a book to be dangerous unless its hurled at your as a projectile. Books share information and opinions about a topic. The Nazi party probably looked at the information some of the books said and say it as against there vision or spreads false information. If a book were “Dangerous” it would only be dangerous to your vision or purposes your trying to  accomplish. What is liberating freeing a place or people from enemy occupation. So for a book to be liberating it would have to convince people that these people are good and imprisoning them is bad.  If your worried about the kind of books people read then your worried about your vision being seen a evil or peoples opinion changed.

Deep Thinker 1.6 Sacrifice

Source: on page 378 of Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick.

Quote: “If I sacrifice my blood, Patch live and you’ll die.”

Context:  Nora and Patch have been chased around there school by the main villain of the book and Nora is stuck up on the rafter of the gym the only escape it to jump and die so Patch can live or get killed my the villain so Patch will be tortured for eternity.

This makes me think: What would you do in this situation it seem obvious doesn’t it, but would you really do it. Consider how painful it would be to sacrifice your blood for someone. If your answer is still yes I would then who would you do it for. Family, friend, stranger. I think it would be reasonable and easy to sacrifice your self for someone you know well but for someone you have  no idea who it is would it still be as easy for you.

Deep Thinker 1.5 angels

Source: On page 292 of Hush, Hush By Becca Fitzpatrick.

Quote: “I know how to get your wings back.”

Context: Nora is looking deeper into the back story and private life of one of the other big characters. She finds a record of sorts of the last 8 months of this character and there interactions with and angle named Dabria.

This makes me think: How would it feel to finally learn the background of some you’ve searching into but its not what you expect to see. How would It make you feel to learn someone you know or love is not who you think, but is actual what you feared. How would it feel to be told that that person was a fallen angel looking for a way back. I think that it would be kind of creepy to find out that someone you thought you knew pretty well is not what you thought at all.

Deep Thinker 1.4 Stalker

Source: In the book Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick on page 64.

Quote: “Did you follow me?”

Context: In this point in the book Nora has had some creepy and disturbing interactions with shadowy figures and people in her life and believes Patch has a connection to these interactions as each time she has one of these it was either before or after seeing patch around.

This makes me think: Why would you confront someone you believe to be your stalker. You would have no idea how they would take it and why would they ever admit to being your stalker. If I had suspicions of someone being my stalker i wouldn’t confront them about it I would them my parents and get the authority to keep a close eye on the person I have suspicions about. Confronting someone like that could be potently dangerous and they could try something very stupid to try to though you off.

Deep Thinker 1.3 Sanity

Source: In the book Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick on page 56.

Quote: “Looking at the car now, it seemed impossible. No, t seemed crazy.”

Context: In the book the main character ,Nora , was driving her friends car when she hit someone on the road. The person the stood up and proceeded to destroy the driver side door. When see returned to her friend the car was completely fine.

This makes me think: How would it feel to run someone over with a car and have them get up and walk. Not only that but for them to start destroying the car to the point of bending the door of the car you don’t own. I would be completely freaked out that not only did they survive but have the energy to destroy the car but when you show someone else the damage doesn’t exist. That would be all sorts of scary and make me question my sanity.

Word Nerd 1.12 Avenging Angels

Source: In the book Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick on page 295

Context” Are they going to try and stop me?”

“The avenging Angels will.”

In their words: The Angels of Vengeance, or Avenging Angels, were the first angels created by God. Traditionally there are twelve Avenging Angels, and they are sometimes associated with the role of punishing wrongdoers

In my words: the avenging angel were the first angels and they punish people who do bad

Word Nerd 1.11 Guardian angels

Source:  In the book Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick on page 292

Context: “Fine. You’ll be a guardian, all right?”

In Their words: A guardian angel is an angel that is assigned to protect and guide a particular person, group, kingdom, or country.

In My words: A guardian angel is an angel the protects people