Secret Secrets Are No Fun; Secret Secrets Hurt Someone

I think kids and even people in general keep secrets because they’re scared. I think people are so scared and reluctant to talk to others is the fear of judgement. They think if they finally open up, they’ll get judged for something, that they’ll lose that person they share with, or even get in trouble for something. I think talking to others can help so you know that you don’t have to go through things by yourself. And, other people’s input can help your decisions. I think this applies to me and my peers because we’re teens and don’t open up to adults or even our friends. We bottle it up and it’s not healthy.

How I Will Dominate During Term 4

During this school year, I’ve worked my butt off. I’ve maintained my 4.0 and played sports which I’m pretty proud of. I think the way I can do good this last term is to keep working hard and not slack off. I can do this by staying on top of my assignments and doing them the best I can. One thing I want to get better at for highshool is not procrastinating – I do that too much and all I do is stress myself out in the end. It doesn’t really have any positive effects. I think that’s pretty much it.

Love Moderately

In Romeo and Juliet, Friar Lawrence tells them to take the middle road. I personally this is good advice, for everyone, because everybody exaggerates things instead of just reacting appropriately. I think he’s trying to tell them that they’re taking things way too fast, and blowing their feelings way out of proportion. I don’t think Romeo and Juliet will take this advice, because they’re not moderate people, considering they are getting married after knowing each other less than a day. If they were to do this, they’d definitely have to tone it down a bunch, because they’re going to rile up a bunch of problems.


I think some people like to use hatred as an excuse to hold onto grudges and be angry. Because if you think about it, that’s what it is. Sure, sometimes these grudges and feelings you have are valid because of the things they have done, but sometimes they’re not. Some are irrational and over dramatized when they don’t need to be. I’ve had my fair share and I know I do this a lot, but I think we happen to think we’re always right. I think that if we came to terms that sometimes things are stupid or we have done something wrong and apologize, we can put stupid “hatred” behind us.


When presented with the debate of whether or not we should teach shakespeare in schools, I think we should. Although many would say it’s outdated, it is arguablely still relevant to the present because you still feel the feel the same emotions as people 400 years ago did. Therefore we’re not all that different. Sure, the wording is tricky but this challenges students, influencing them to be more literate and intelligent.  Not only this, but although Shakespeare may have been a white man, he still managed to show diverse portrayals of race and genders, giving a wide variety of culture and perspective.

Everything I know or Think I Know About Shakespeare

I know very little about Shakespeare except for the fact that he liked to write plays, and a lot of them were tragedies and comedies which are still read today. I know this influenced the arts for theater and reading. I know he wrote Romeo and Juliet, which, like I said, is a plot twisting tragedy. I find that the way he wrote is a bit hard to understand, considering it was a long long time ago. So I expect by studying this, it will help increase the comprehension of words and vocabulary and help me better understand this type of literature.


The good is does to be able to grade your own work, means that you can further evaluate the skills you are doing and what criteria you have to get a good grade. If you can do that, then you won’t have to wonder whether or not you can do that skill. This can help you outside of school with many things. Take sports for example, you can look at whether or not you’re doing something correctly and fix it. With evaluating your own work, you can see where you need to improve and where it looks fantastic which can help a lot.

How I Feel About To Kill a Mockingbird

I actually felt that the book To Kill a Mockingbird was a really good book. The way it put racism and life morals into light was really just moving for me. The way the author worded things so you got this idea into your head is just amazing. I never really understood how bad things were back then, but after this book I can picture it. I also can picture that there were good people who wanted to help and how little tiny things make a difference. Maybe Atticus didn’t win then, but he definitely did in the long run, considering where we are now. Overall, I really did like this book. 

Good Stuff from To Kill a Mockingbird

In To Kill a Mockingbird, Miss Maudie says “We’re making a step.” — “It’s just a baby-step, but it’s a step.” (246). In this quote she was referencing the Tom Robinson case and the racism that followed. I thought that this was meaningful, considering the fact that even though they lost the case, Maudie still believes that this could aid in the civil rights for Maycomb. That even though nothing big occurred, there was still a step with it. Even the smallest steps count for change, I think is what she’s saying. I think this was powerful, because I think this can influence others.

An Authority on Courage and Integrity

The person I think of when I think of courage and integrity is my mom. Whenever I ask her for advice, she basically starts with this. “I can’t make this decision for you, but just know that I’ll be here to support you in whatever you decide to do. You do what you think is best for you and your friends. Don’t worry about anyone else.” I think she says this because this is what she does herself. I know I can always count on my mom for anything and she’ll always be there for me no matter what the situation is.

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