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Tell Me About It

Last Wednesday and Friday, girls basketball tryouts were held. Friday night I discovered I had made the basketball team with most of my best friends (who are amazing athletes, btw). Now we have basketball practice everyday after school for two hours, games coming up in a couple of weeks, and loads of CARDIO. Coach wants us to be very fit for the offense and defense he wants to do – which is A LOT of running. I’ve heard we’re doing a lot of sprints today and he’s upping our ladder runs. It’ll suck, not going to lie… but it’ll be worth it in the long run.

What I’m Reading

Recently I’ve started reading The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen. This book (like very book shes written) is realistic fiction. It’s about a girl who can’t really find herself in her home town and wants a change. I chose this book because I like the other books she has written. This book hasn’t quite met my expectations because it’s kind of starting off slow and hasn’t really captured my attention, which I don’t like. But what I do like is how she words things so perfectly that I can easily understand it and it’s just amazing. I love her writing skills.

Who Am I as a Reader?

During this six hours of reading during class, I noticed I like reading. When I like the book I read, I tend to read it faster and more often. My strengths as a reader is that I can read quickly, pay attention to details, visualize, and infer. My weaknesses, however, is that I don’t really notice the author’s moves that make the story better. They are there, and I read them, I just don’t go “there’s personification” when I am. What I need to work on is focusing. Sometimes I zone out and just stare at the page instead of reading.

First Term

I feel like I did a good job during first term. I finished with an A (barely). I think I did the best on the short stories responses – probably because I think a lot about what I read so it was really easy for me to write plenty of things. One thing I struggled with was definitely annotation. I couldn’t write the wording I needed or get the right thoughts. Before Christmas break, I’d like to read 2 more books than I did last term. I’d know that I’ve improved when I reach 3 books. I’d also like to stop procrastinating. It causes me a lot of stress and I’ll know I have improved when I’m not.

The Power of Words

There are billions of words. There is billions of ways to use words. So how do authors manage to get them in the right way to set a certain mood? The amount of power words have is insane. Author’s use careful words to indicate what is going on and give a mood. They use these words or dialogue to make us understand better what is going on. For example, “Go get a rag,” Dad said. Vs. “Go get a rag!” Dad shouted. You know that there is more going on rather than just a normal conversation. They use things like this to picture what is happening. I think that is how they influence us with words.

What Kind Of Writer Am I?

I am the kind of writer who likes to write real life situations. I feel like I can get really involved in it and put feelings into it very easily. The type of writing I struggle with is informative writing. I think I struggle with this is because when I write, I like to go with the flow and this tends to get me away from the actual “theme” or subject we’re writing about. This is one thing I would like to work on. Another thing I would like to work on is my word count. When I struggle to come up with the right amount of words, I tend to elaborate more than I should instead of giving more details and plots. Those are the things I would like to work on in my own writing.

How I Felt About the First Story

My feelings about “The Sniper” was mixed… It was very well written and kept me on my toes, which I liked. But to say the least, I was very surprised with the ending. In the beginning, it kind of seemed like he didn’t want to be there because it said he was drinking, and he was cursing the war and everybody else. I wonder if he was drafted. I mean, the sniper was already very remorseful with everyone he had shot, but I never expected the enemy sniper to be his brother. Why were they on opposite sides? Imagine how horrible the sniper must have felt. Biggest plot twist ever. Of course, I hated the ending just because it was sad. But, I liked the plot line and so on. 

What I Look For In a Good Character

What I look for in a good character is their ability to care. I mean, who likes to read a character who doesn’t care about anyone or anything? If they don’t care, they don’t have a goal and the story won’t go anywhere – which is insanely boring, just saying. Another way is their relationships with people, if they don’t care about anything who says they’ll treat people nicely? I personally don’t like reading books where the character is insanely rude. I feel that an author can improve his/her character in their books just by giving them the trait of caring.

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Why We Read Stories

There’s millions of books in the world – and each have their own influence. Stories can change the way someone thinks or acts, even if it’s not a true story. Personally, I think we place so much importance on these sort of books because it gives situations and point of views that we can imagine and try to understand. For example, a bully. If you saw the point of view of the bullied person, you wouldn’t be so keen on the idea. Books and writing can give these point of views and tell their perspective and maybe change yours, as well. That is why they’re so important to us, they influence things in our day to day lives.

The Best Book I’ve Ever Read

The best book I’ve ever read was Just Listen by Sarah Dessen. This book stood out to me out of all the books because it’s just so well written. The main character, Annabelle Greene, used to strive to be “in”, before am event turned her life upside down. She was now an outcast. At the same time, a lot was going on in her home life and she was having a very hard time with it. Then she met Owen, who was also a “loner”, but actually a super cool dude. He helps her through things, they end up liking each other. Kinda cheesy, but incredible.