Being Old Will Be Good Or Bad?

Do you think being old will be good or bad?

When I’m 100 I will be wise . That will be great. I will be able to help other people when they need help. I will be able to relate to other people and I will be able to give people comfort when they are sad. That will make me happy.

When I’m old I will have more family. They will come and visit me. I will never be alone and sad. I will also have a lot of company. This  will make me happy. I will also know a lot of people, so when I need comfort they will have my back.

That is why I think being old will be great!

7 thoughts on “Being Old Will Be Good Or Bad?

  1. Hi Rowan
    I’m a blogger from Canada . I really enjoyed your post. Their are a lot of good stuff about being an adult but their is also some stuff that is pretty boring like paying bills and taxes. Hope you come visit my blog!

  2. I agree I am looking forward to being old. This is an exiting blog I will be glad to see the rest of your posts. 🙂

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