A whole new year!

In a way it is sad and weird that there is only five months left in the school year. It went by so fast for me! What I want to accomplish in the next five months is trying to do homework when I NEED to cause I always procrastinate and then my work gets turned in late. I really don’t know how I’ll be as a reader and writer in the next few months mostly because they aren’t my strongest suites and I don’t enjoy them very much, but when I need to do them I will. I also really need to work on practicing my cello cause I’m also really bad at that and it takes a toll on my grade when I don’t. I’m also not sure what I’ll become, but a long time ago in 7th grade we took this career quiz and it told you like the top ten jobs you would be good at and the top job that I got was a nurse. I took the same quiz in 8th grade and the top job that I got was an Addiction therapist. I thought that was kind of cool. But, I also really like music to. I play piano and cello and I love both so I don’t know whats gonna happen. I’m going to try and do my homework right when I get home or at least soon after so that it’s done when it needs to be.

Halfway gone

We are already half way through the year and yet there’s more to come. We have spent 10 hours in this class that is just READING TIME.


  1. Reading. I used this time to read mostly and sometimes if i had late work I would work on it if Mr. Green allowed it. I’m not crazy about reading and don’t have the biggest goal to read better.
  2. Writing. I feel like all the writing we have done has made me a better writer and I feel like and can actually right something without not feeling gross about it. I have invested my time on writing to always try and do the best on what I’m writing. I don’t know how much I want to be able to communicate more effectively cause the way I communicate is weird and funny and that’s who I am.

The story I enjoyed the most and disliked the least

We read a lot of stories this year and all of them were a little bit, how do I put this, stressful. Most of the stories were making me feel uncomfortable and making me sweat a little and making me very stressed. For instance, when we read “August 2026: There Will Come Soft Rains” the whole story, especially the ending, made me feel sadness and anger and making me want to just sit there and feel my emotions. The only story that didn’t freak me out as bad as all the others was “Lamb to the Slaughter” by Roald Dahl. This story didn’t mess with my emotions as much and I didn’t feel emotionally drained. This story is about a women who finds out her husband is leaving her and she is sad but she isn’t really feeling sad. She decides to make dinner for her and her husband anyways and goes to the cellar to get a leg of lamb. She brings it upstairs and she sees her husband facing away from her and is filled with emotion and she hits him across the head with the leg and then puts the leg in the oven. She then touches up her hair and make-up and then gets her coat and puts the lamb leg into the oven. She then goes out to the street and buys some peas and potatoes and acts like nothing happens. She then walks into her house singing a tune and pretends to find her husband dead on the floor. She then calls the police and then come and investigate and she says this. “You guys must be tired from all your work. I have a leg of lamb in the oven that was going to be for me and my husband. Please, eat it. You would be doing me a favor.” So, all the constables ate the leg of lamb and as they were eating it, they talked about what and where the murder weapon might be. But they were eating it!!! The author did a good job and playing with emotion here and being able to make you feel something. Roald Dahl wrote some more stories that really make you feel out-a-wack. Anyways, that’s all!

Everybody Was Finally Equal

We read a story called Harrison Bergeron. It’s about a dystopian future where the government believes that everyone she be at the same level as everyone else in society by bringing them down and giving everyone handicaps like a lot of weight on there shoulder, like literally 300 pound bags full of lead balls, and they also give all the pretty people really ugly masks, and all the smart people hearing aids that buzz every 20 seconds to prevent smart peoples thoughts from drifting off. This story relates to us by doing almost the opposite. In our world there is this image of how to be THE PERFECT PERSON, and our world isn’t necessarily trying to make people perfect by force but people themselves are always trying to be that “perfect person” that the world has shown. We can publish, or in other words “put people out there for there talent”, but we don’t always celebrate those who do the most for mankind, like the people who are trying to fight cancer or world hunger. But instead we really mostly celebrate those who are “perfect”. We also as humans like to put people down to make ourselves feel better because when we look at someone else who WE think is better we get upset and mad that WE think they are better. So, in result, we put THEM down to make ourselves feel like we are higher than them at last. The thing is that everyone has different levels of talent and everyone makes mistakes and we all have consequences, that’s just part of being human. If we didn’t have any of these feelings or emotions then life would be interesting and we wouldn’t have a purpose.

Whats on my mind?

The biggest thing that’s on my mind today is my play auditions. I did them yesterday and my names is on the callback list for today. But the thing is I’m super nervous about it because even though I have been in two other plays I have never been in callbacks before due to some other issues. I’m also super nervous cause I want to be able to get a main part and I’m freaking out because I’ve never gotten one and I have seen other people get a main part and it looks so fun and I’m prepared to have to stretch my voice and memorize all those lines. Now that I have talked about that the other thing that is on my mind is that it’s a Friday! I’m so happy it is a Friday because this week has been the longest week I have had in forever and I’m so ready to finally sleep in and get some beauty rest. Ok now my mind is starting to wander and I have no idea what else to say. UMMMMMMMMM……….. My favorite color is pink, I come from a family of 7, we had a water leak in our house so now me and my parents are getting new bathrooms! It’s so scary with the leak though cause recently I was sick and I was lying on the couch and I look up and the leak was like making the wall look super weird and making it look like it was going to crumble any minute! And again with the leak we had to tear out the floor of my parents bathroom to get to the leak and we open their bathroom and cut out some annoying walls and took out the dated bathtub and now its huge. Another thing that is on my mind is that I am trying to finish this thing called personal progress. I am a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and in this church the women and the men ages 11-17 are separated into what we call Young Men’s and Young Women’s. I’m in young women’s of coarse, and in this we have something called personal progress that helps us with our progression as a young women. There was an announcement that next year they will be taking this away so there is a lot of pressure to finish before the end of the year and I’m trying but with being gone so much I have so much homework for school. Well that’s all the things on my mind I hope I didn’t stress you out too!

What’s this got to do with me?

What does this story that I read have to do with me? The story I read was the Lamb to the Slaughter, by Roald Dahl. This story personally is a little unsettling to me with everything that happens in it. It’s about a women who is waiting for her husband to come home from a long a day at work. But, when he does come home he is not happy and has some sad news. It doesn’t really say what the news is but I have heard that he told her he was going to leave her. Well, she was shocked by it of coarse and even though her husband said not to make any food for him she did anyways. She went down to the cellar and got a lambs leg and brought it up with her. When she came up she saw her husband standing now and he again told her not to make him supper. Then, in a twist of fate, she WACKS HIM ON THE HEAD!  Then he fell to the floor and she started to think fast. She put the leg in the oven and fixed her hair and makeup and tried to put on her best smile and voice and went out to the street to get some potato’s and pea’s.

The whole time she was walking she was saying to herself that she was just leaving her husband for a short time to get some food from the grocer and when she came back she would “expect” to find nothing but she finds her husband. After she go the food she walked back into her house singing a tune as she went and walked into her living room where her husband was dead. She knelt beside him and began to sob and then called the police and they came. I’m not going to tell you how the story ends but it’s a doozy. I think that what this story has to do with me is that “I” would sometimes like to pretend that what I did never happen, as if I had never done what I did just like that lady. And the thing that i can learn about myself from this story is that I am someone who doesn’t try to cover up my mistakes or my sloppy, rude, or cruel actions, I try and realize what I have done and take care of it. Of coarse I don’t know how the lady in the story was much like that.

The Impossible Dream.

I woke up from my dream again. I have realized that I have this dream whenever strange things happen to me that I can’t explain. Like the other day. I was walking to school across a cross walk when my heart started to get a little faster and I had this strange feeling that I needed to run, as fast as I could! I turned to my right and there it was, like a bull after a red clothe, there was a school but hurdling towards me with no chance of stopping in time. Despite the fact that I knew I should have listened to that strange voice that held me down by my ankles. The vehicle was only a few feet away when something, strange happen. Before I even had time to run I found myself at the other end of the street and the bus was still going down its path like nothing had ever happened. This was one of the weirder things that had happened to me but it was unusual. Then that night is when I had, MY DREAM. In this dream I’m waling down a long hallway and a building. This hallway is only filled with elevators. Then I hear something. “Abby……”, the voice whispers. My heart starts to race and I start to run and the voice gets louder and louder saying, “Abby, Abby! ABBY!!” Then, I stop. I walk again but his time I am walking towards the elevator at the end of the hall. I step through two metal doors. I turn around and found the two metal doors closing on me. I then try to stop the doors from closing, but my bone-like arms can’t hold anything shut. The two hunks of metal slam shut and not I feel trapped. There are no buttons. I’m starting to think of all the things that could go wrong, but before I can assess the situation, the elevator drops and I can feel my strange feeling, telling me to scream for help! I try and say something, anything at all, but I couldn’t say a word. Then the elevator doors come to a stop and the lights go out as if someone blew them out like a candle. All there is, is a slit of light where the doors meet. I can here voices.”Code red! Code red! They have escaped! I repeat! THEY HAVE ESCAPED!” It’s a mans voice, I can tell. It sounds like someone I know. But it can’t be. I here the gears beneath the elevator squeaking to open the doors. Light comes screaming in grabbing my brain and making my eyes hurt. “It’s her.”, the voice says, “Someone get a needle!!” And that’s when I wake up.

Free! Body and soul free!

Some things that can make people feel trapped are keeping to themselves and not doing anything or socializing with anyone, or maybe something that happened to them like a loved one died or they had to move from their home. If a person is experiencing these feelings and emotions it might be hard for them but they could try and get out there and socialize with people and do things that make them happy. Even just getting outside and doing something can change you mood dramatically and might just make you want to do it more. Some people may see this as, freedom. When a story a read says “Free! Body and soul free!” it not only means that your body is free from someone or something but it means that you soul is free from feeling trapped and giving you that emotion of sadness and anger and whatever it is your feeling. Your free from the things that have been weighing you down.

1st term Business.

I feel that I have worked pretty hard in Mr. Greens class and tried to stay caught up. As of me writing this right know I’m in Mr. Greens room for viking time making up that post. Ever since the beginning of the year I have been growing as a better writer so much and learning and working with so many things that I needed clearing up. I believe I have given my best effort. I am never in the mindset of, “Just do this so it can get done and that’s that’s.” I never like to think that, I like to try my best all the time. My biggest success so far is being able to be cause up in my school work and be here at school as often as I can. Last year in 8th grade I was absent so much that I almost didn’t get ninth grade but i’m here and I am working and trying my best. I need to work on doing homework. It is something that I am really bad at doing and I never remember. I have experienced growth since the month of August and like I said, I think I am a much better write because of Mr.Greens class.

This term, 2nd term, I wan’t to try and accomplish doing homework when I need too so I don’t get behind so easily. I want to be able to read better and faster but I have a super hard time reading. maybe I’ll work on that too. I think that this is kind of important to me cause I like to read I am just such a picky reader that I have a hard time even finding a book. So I think it’s important not only for me but for everyone to read more and learn to read faster. Maybe I’ll just read more instead of texting or watching a movie . 😉

Technology friend or foe?

My feelings of technology is that it has changed so much in so little time. It was only like 25 years ago when we didn’t really have internet, and a long long time ago computers would fill up whole rooms. I think that technology could be our friend in some ways like helping store information, search things, but we also use it at places like work and school. But, as technology advanced people have become, less. They don’t want to do as much as they used to and they just want to spend time on there devices. I know from experience. Adults and children have become less accustom to doing other things that are better for the mind and body like reading and exercising. Social media is also a big factor. People in our world today have more anxiety, stress, and depression with the rising of the digital age. It’s just a big mess. Technology can cause us to live a wonderful happy life by finding things to do like a game or going places. Like, with our technological transportation we are able to travel around the world in far less time that in the past and that allows us to go around the world and see what some people would never see. But, its also causing people to become less active and lazy. Now that we can order food, water, and supplies and basically everything we need on the internet and have delivered right to our door, there’s no need to go out and get dressed and ready for the day to do your daily tasks. I think that we should have a world wide day where everyone puts down there devices and we just join together as family and friends and be human beings instead of lifeless droids.

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