The Impossible Dream.

I woke up from my dream again. I have realized that I have this dream whenever strange things happen to me that I can’t explain. Like the other day. I was walking to school across a cross walk when my heart started to get a little faster and I had this strange feeling that I needed to run, as fast as I could! I turned to my right and there it was, like a bull after a red clothe, there was a school but hurdling towards me with no chance of stopping in time. Despite the fact that I knew I should have listened to that strange voice that held me down by my ankles. The vehicle was only a few feet away when something, strange happen. Before I even had time to run I found myself at the other end of the street and the bus was still going down its path like nothing had ever happened. This was one of the weirder things that had happened to me but it was unusual. Then that night is when I had, MY DREAM. In this dream I’m waling down a long hallway and a building. This hallway is only filled with elevators. Then I hear something. “Abby……”, the voice whispers. My heart starts to race and I start to run and the voice gets louder and louder saying, “Abby, Abby! ABBY!!” Then, I stop. I walk again but his time I am walking towards the elevator at the end of the hall. I step through two metal doors. I turn around and found the two metal doors closing on me. I then try to stop the doors from closing, but my bone-like arms can’t hold anything shut. The two hunks of metal slam shut and not I feel trapped. There are no buttons. I’m starting to think of all the things that could go wrong, but before I can assess the situation, the elevator drops and I can feel my strange feeling, telling me to scream for help! I try and say something, anything at all, but I couldn’t say a word. Then the elevator doors come to a stop and the lights go out as if someone blew them out like a candle. All there is, is a slit of light where the doors meet. I can here voices.”Code red! Code red! They have escaped! I repeat! THEY HAVE ESCAPED!” It’s a mans voice, I can tell. It sounds like someone I know. But it can’t be. I here the gears beneath the elevator squeaking to open the doors. Light comes screaming in grabbing my brain and making my eyes hurt. “It’s her.”, the voice says, “Someone get a needle!!” And that’s when I wake up.

2 Thoughts.

  1. Oh my goodness I absolutely love this story! It’s so interesting how this dream was confusing yet made perfect sense. I liked the suspense that you built up when the elevator doors were opening! Keep up this amazing writing work! 🙂

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