Climbing Into Other People’s Skin

Atticus is trying to help Scout understand that for them to understand why people do what they do is to climb into their skin. Meaning to stand in that person’s shoes. To show empathy and understanding towards that person. That person not be right to do what they do, but you will understand why they did whatever they did if you try to look not only at your point of view but at their’s as well. I would like to think I do this myself to help me understand someone’s decisions, but I’m too hotheaded to see why someone did what they did for a reason.

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Empathy is to share the feelings of another and being able to understand those feelings. People do need it. They need someone to give them empathy, because they need to feel like they aren’t the only ones feeling that way. I think everyone has empathy to give it’s just whether or not they want to give it to others. People should bother to give it to others , because it makes people happy knowing that they share those feeling as well as others. One time my neighbor was so excited that she got a car she came over to tell me, and I didn’t exactly give her the empathy she needed, because right when she told me and I didn’t show her empathy her mood died and she wasn’t excited as much as she was earlier. That time I should of showed empathy, but I didn’t.

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2nd Semester Goals and Aspirations

I was really good at R.O.A.M.+ Predict in the second semester. My greatest success in the second semester was getting an A in the class. I struggle with writing the essays last semester. I’m usually really good with writing essays, but last semester I didn’t do all that great. For this semester I need to put all of my attention on writing the essays for English so I do better than I did in second semester. I want to get better at paying attention during class and not doze off when Mr. Green is talking. I might’ve just wrote that last sentence so I have at least 100 words.

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Design Thinking

I think using the design process is useful and very well organized. It is helpful, because it keeps you in check for you to know if you are on the right path to accomplishing whatever it is yo may want to accomplish. Having it organized and some where you can see it really helps, because as you do you can easily go to the picture and see if you are on the steps you need to be during the design process. Design thinking is easy to work with because you can easily get to it on your computer, and it defines every step to take to answer what questions you may have while using the Design Thinking Process.

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Promoting Change

It is our responsibility to promote change in society. We have the right to cause change in our society, because we live here and we should be the ones to decide if we want change or not. If we don’t like something we should be able to change it to something the whoel society will be able to agree on or at least come to terms with. Our society will be organized and vote on everything that they would like to change, because we will have to live with the change. If our society doesn’t cause change then someone else will, and it won’t be our choice.

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Thanksgiving Words of the Week

Every Thanksgiving we always have my family members come over and have Thanksgiving with us. My Uncle Ben, his wife, and his to many kids comes down to our house a day before Thanksgiving to help prepare for the next day, but one of their sons Bobby is such a recluse. He always walks in and doesn’t talk to anyone, and just goes straight to the basement to play video games while everyone else is in the kitchen making the repugnant food for Thanksgiving. One Thanksgiving all of the family memebers arrive before I’m even out of bed, because they are all so eager to either celebrate Thanksgiving with us, or they just can’t wait to leave before it even starts.

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The Search for the Perfect Book

The book that drew my attention on the website, Library Thing was “Stardust” by Neil Gaiman. It drew my attention, because when I read the title I remembered that a friend was talking about this book a few weeks ago. My friend made the book sound so good that I much try to read it. The reviews about this book basically say that the readers absolutely love the book, that they are so glad that they read this book. The reviews made the book sound magical, and the tags of the book were all in the genres that I like to read about.

How I define equality

I believe equality means to be as equal with everyone else, but at the same time you can be unique and be yourself.  For people to be equal means that everyone else gets a say in things, they get to vote on things, and they get to do everything everyone else is doing. When they wrote the Declaration of Independence they were talking about how everyone gets to do what they want as well as everyone else. They’re won’t be people that are told they can’t do something, because if one person can do it so can that other person. Some time in the future I would like to see equality being shared are people all of the world no matter what color of skin they have or what kind of religion they believe in.

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I woke up having an ominous feeling. There was something in the air that gave me goosebumps. I was just about to get out of my when all of sudden a fury animal will big teeth and long claws comes rushing through right towards me. I had an apprehensive feeling while I crawled so fast under my covers. The claws were trying to tug the covers out of my hands. I wouldn’t let go even if my life depended on it, which it was. When the claws let go of  my covers I slowly peeked on eye out to see what it was, when that creature jump out of nowhere pulled back my covers and yelled “HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Get up and go trick or treating with me!” I realized then that this was no monster but my brother! I’d rather have the monster.

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The Sticky Issue of Equality

The Declaration of Independence it states that everyone must be equal to everyone. But are we really treated equally?  How can we be treated equally when some of us can barely pay the bills of where they live when there are others that can make it rain with how much money they get. Some of the people just sit on the couch and make billions while others are up at the first sight of day light until the sun is down and only make the cost of dinner. We can’t be treated equal if we aren’t equal, and the government can’t ensure that we are treated equally, because some people think they are better than the rest of us and that makes them above being equal to others.