love moderately

I think Friar Lawrence is trying to tell romeo and juliet to take their relationship slow. I think this is pretty good advice because if they take it slow they won’t get sick of each other as easily and if they’re apart more they’re time together would be better. Since romeo and juliet had only met less than 24 hours ago and decided to get married I don’t think they will take this advice. They are not very moderate people. They know they should not be getting married because their two families hate each other, but they do it anyways in secret. They will either have to live their lives together in secret or tell their families.Wedding Bouquet, Flowers, Roses, Bridal, Wedding


Hatred can be directed toward many different things. I’m not exactly sure what causes hate, sometimes its something another individual did or said o it might not even be hate towards a person but towards an object or animal. I honestly don’t hate anyone, but there are quite a few people that I strongly dislike. If I don’t like someone its just because we don’t really get along or we are very different people. There is one thing I truly hate. Snakes. They are disgusting and gross and creepy. Snakes have never done anything to me to cause hatred, the hatred comes more from fear. I’m not sure how to put that hatred behind me because I’ve hated them ever since i was little, however hatred towards people can change. People just need to put their differences aside and learn to love everyone.

should schools still teach shakespeare?

In my opinion Shakespeare is very hard to understand. Back then they used different words and sayings then we do now, however that doesnt mean we shouldn’t teach it. Shakespeare could teach us lots of things if we really study and try to understand it. One article relates romeo and juliet to teenagers now days in their behavior, he says that even though it was over 400 years ago it is still relevant. I personally have never liked shakespeare, but that is probably because i have never really studied and tried to understand his writting. If we are taught it we could understand it better and maybe even like it.

what I don’t know about my fellow students

Everyone is different. You never know what someone could be going through so you should get to know someone instead of just judging them by their looks. Completing this assignment helped me to understand that everyone is different. Writing this assignment from another persons point of view was pretty weird but it was also fun. I got to learn lots of things about the two people I interviewed that I probably never would have known if we didn’t do this assignment. Also if i read the ones in the hall I will also learn lots of other Everyone has their own beliefs and their own understanding of things.Image result for students

work will work when wishy washy wishing will not

This year in english I wanted to read a lot more and I wanted to actually like it. Most of the time if I have to read a book I don’t enjoy it and it takes me forever to read. I have read more this year than the past few years and I enjoyed most of the books I read. This year I have done pretty good with turning in all my assignments on time, I haven’t turned them all in on time but most of them. I feel like I struggled with really understanding what we were learning but I would try my hardest to learn it. I want to get really good at writing papers because I know I will have to write them all through high school and college so if I can get good at writing them my life will be easier. I’m not exactly sure how to accomplish this but one thing that could be benificial would be when I do write them understand what I am writing. If I research the topic before I write the paper and while I’m writing the paper I think it would help. Some good advice I have been told is to work smarter not harder, so I think I’ll try it. 

what makes a person great?

I’m sure there are many different things that make a person great, but today I am going to share with you a few of the attributes and qualities that I think make a person great. A few of them are kindness, positive, selfless, loving, outgoing, fun, independent, friendly and strong. People that have these attributes are just more fun to be around and are more successful in their lives. If someone is always grumpy then no one wants to be around them but if someone is always positive they have more friends and have a positive affect on the people around them. My sister volunteers with the red cross and she is an example to me of a great person.

an authority on courage – thor

It’s hard to be as good looking as me and to be as heroic as me, but I guess you could try. I had the choice to fight for my life or just give up and never see my friends or family again. I decided to fight. I was put into a gladiatorial contest. I bet you can never guess who I was up against. Hulk. I hadn’t seen him in ages and I got so excited. I started to talking to him but he didn’t seem to remember me. He started to fight and I had no choice but to fight back. I don’t want to tell you the rest of my story because I want you to go watch my movie.  Anyway, everything will work out in the end you just have to want it and be patient.

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to kill a mockingbird review

I still don’t really understand what this book was about.  It was a good book it was just sort of confusing and weird. The beginning is just talking about random confusing stuff which I don’t feel like was very important. Some of the stuff was important if you read the whole book but most of it  was not. I’m not really sure how the plot gets complicated because I don’t really feel like it did. So many people talk about how great of a book it is and I mean it was good and I liked it but I just don’t understand why it has such a big reputation. The way it’s written is different than most books. The humor and the wording were hard to understand most of the time. Overall it was a good book but I didn’t think it was anything special. I would recommend this book to anyone over the age of about 13.

The film was good but I felt like it was pretty different from the book. I liked watching the movie because I like putting faces with names and actually being able to see what was going on instead of having to picture it. I didn’t really have a favorite part of this movie. It was a pretty good movie but I didn’t like one part more than the other. I don’t feel like it left out anything that was super important for the most part it was similar but it would leave out little things that were in the book that weren’t that important but I felt like they were a part of the story. I guess if it wasn’t in the movie it wasn’t that important. I would recommend this movie to the same people as the book. Also to  people who like black and white movies and liked the book to kill a mockingbird.Image result for to kill a mockingbird movie

good stuff

In the story Jem and Scout are talking about how all people are people and scout says, “I think there’s just one kind of folks. Folks” Jem gets upset and then says, “If there’s just one kind of folks, why can’t they get along with each other? If they’re all alike, why do they go out of their way to despise each other?”  This quote really made me think and it sort of confused me. If everyone is a person why do we treat everyone so differently from ourselves? I think that everyone is just caught up in themselves. We should just forget about all our differences and we should try and get a long like kids do in kindergarten or preschool because it doesn’t matter how different someone was from you.Related image

real courage

This definition of courage is different than most. How Atticus describes courage is good advice that is straight forward. The actual definition of courage is the ability to do something that frightens one. One thing Atticus says is, “It’s when you know you’re licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what. You rarely win, but sometimes you do” To me that is like saying even if you know your not the best at a subject in school, a sport, or just anything you should still try because you will never know the outcome.Image result for courage quotes

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