Hatred can be directed toward many different things. I’m not exactly sure what causes hate, sometimes its something another individual did or said o it might not even be hate towards a person but towards an object or animal. I honestly don’t hate anyone, but there are quite a few people that I strongly dislike. If I don’t like someone its just because we don’t really get along or we are very different people. There is one thing I truly hate. Snakes. They are disgusting and gross and creepy. Snakes have never done anything to me to cause hatred, the hatred comes more from fear. I’m not sure how to put that hatred behind me because I’ve hated them ever since i was little, however hatred towards people can change. People just need to put their differences aside and learn to love everyone.

4 thoughts on “hatred”

  1. K, so a snake bit my Lil bro his neck the other day and it was crazy!
    I have never been afraid of snakes and of corse i know they bite but still. It was traumatizing.

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