Blog #4: Story/ Legend and Poem

The legend I read was a tale of the goddess Durga. I became interesting in her because of the book I read. In Tiger’s Curse, she is the main mentor and over all helper through out the entire story. I decided to read about how she came to be. The legend starts out with Durga, a fragile girl who’s village is dying. There is no clean water or enough food. Like any good story, Durga leave’s on a quest to save her village. On that adventure she meet’s dragons, sorcerers and trolls that both help and hinder her progress. As she moves forward she becomes stronger and more confident. In the end she win’s a large battle, is awarded a tiger as a stead and immortality by the god’s, as long as she promises to help those on quest’s such as hers.

I really enjoyed the imagery in this piece. It’s words created an incredible picture of a broken down and old India. It is what made you root for Durga, because the place she comes from is so awful and bleak. But I personally love the descriptions of were the god’s are. It is beautiful and interesting. “The place around them looked of silk, and a necklace made of diamonds, and a crown jewel that shone like a thousand suns to the very end of the earth.” It uses things we know to prove the beauty of the place they were in. The syntax is what made it easy to understand. The sentences were short and to the point. I believe the theme in this piece was that anyone can do anything if it is for a just cause. And even though people a long the path can help and hurt you, your determination is what decides the consequences. This piece talks of classic India religion, temple’s, music and community. through the story you could see the over all good attitudes and joy of it’s people.


My poem is quite the different story. It is very depressing and show’s the hardship throughout the Muslim religion. It is a piece about the caste, as mentioned in my new’s article, and how those on the lower end of it get ignored. It start’s with the phrase “He threw me away like a clod of the earth.” It show’s the hardship of being looked down upon because of how much money you have. The word choice in this poem is what draws me. It uses metaphor and simile to create the feeling of nothingness. “Each time some fragment broke-off, some of my being would break off with it.” This show’s the opposite of the Durga story. The heartbreak and depression of the caste, and there seems no end in sight.

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