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In my article, it talks of what they call “eternal inequality”. When I first saw this article, I assumed it meant between man and woman. However, it is actually between religious classes. In the Muslim religion, people are sorted into classes based off their financial situation. There are incredibly unfair rules to follow between classes. For example, in my article a family could not clear a man’s plate from the table because he is in a lower “caste” as it is called. In fact, they were on the verge of breaking rules just by serving him dinner.

I think this is an issue in India because if you are born poor, there is no way to walk back up. You stay poor the rest of your life. That creates incredibly difficult situations on people because they can’t get jobs, and those higher up aren’t allowed to help. How can those born with not enough money survive and thrive in a community that looks down among them. In the article it states that India is starting to undermine, or ignore, the caste. This is good news because it could lead to less corrupt leader, more opportunities to those who aren’t given them, and a sense of kinship among the community.

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