Post #5: News Article

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The article is about how the Iranians adjust to life during Covid-19 outbreak. Iran was hit pretty hard with cases of Covid-19. They had 60,000 cases, and 4,000 reported deaths. In Iran, there are a lot of small businesses, during this time its hard for them to stay afloat if they’re not bringing in revenue because they don’t pay salaries or covering expenses. They also have a bigger group of poor people. “When I go to a Posh neighborhood, the streets are empty, very quiet. But in poorer neighborhoods, it gets more crowded. some people have no other option because if corona doesn’t get them, hunger will.” says sara. It’s hard for them to stay inside, when the way they get food is by going out to get it.

Post #4: Background Information

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Iran is the worlds 18th most populated countries. it has a total population of 81.16 million people. The capital city of Iran is Tehran, which has a population of 8 million. Most people live in the central plateau, and speak Into-Iranian Dialects. The fastest growing religion in Iran is Christianity. Mashhad is another big city in Iran. Its known as a place of religious pilgrimage. Which has a lot of golden domes and circular complex tomb. It also has a lot of cool museums full of very unique artifacts and rare pieces of history.

Final Response

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I thought that this novel was pretty good for the most part. Sometimes it got boring but most of the time it was really interesting. You really learn a lot about the culture and just how Malala lived her life. It was sad to see how they struggled but awesome to see that they never stopped fighting. After reading the book, I understand how lucky I am to be able to get an education. I’m very grateful for the things they went through so I could have rights now days. I would recommend this book to teens and adults. Basically anyone who likes historical books.

Book Club Response 2

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Towards the end of the book, Malala and her classmates go on a school trip to Marghazar. They had lots of fun but as they came home, Ziauddin found out that the Taliban was spreading false rumors about the Khushal school. Representatives of Pakistan’s intelligence services began questioning Ziauddin about the Khushal school’s activities. Ziauddin was warned to be careful because his views made him a Taliban target.
This book highlights how Malala stood up for what she believed in. Malala is Sunni Muslim and is a very strong person. Her culture has strong beliefs and they stand up for what they want.

Book Club Response 1

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The book I Am Malala, is a novel about a girl from Pakistan. As she grows up, she becomes very outspoken about the rights of girls to have an education. Her willingness to stand up for what she believes in, makes her a target for the Taliban, a religious group that has very different ideas about the roles of women in Pakistan society.
This book is an autobiography so it was written by Malala Yousafzai. Malala is very well known around the world. She is known for human rights advocacy. Her advocacy has grown into an international movement. She is also the youngest Nobel Prize laureate.
It wasn’t that hard to predict the actions of this story, but sometimes they were more hidden in the story.

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