Deep Thinker 1.1

Source: The 5th wave, Rick Yancey, Page 138,139

Quote: Sometimes in my tent, late at night, I think I can hear the stars scraping against the sky?

Context: A sniper who is looking for the main protagonist in the story (Cassie) has just found her journal so he is reading different lines that he found interesting, he was doing this while he was letting her run away from under the Kia she was hiding under, which I thought was interesting. That’s all can say without spoiling anything.

This makes me think: In the book, since it is the apocalypse, no one is really doing too great mentally, as expected since most if not all of your family members have died and its survival of the fittest. I think this quote just shows how Cassie was getting in her head about how she was feeling. Like she was describing how the silence was making her crazy, instead of just saying that.

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