The 5th Wave Book Review 1.1

SPOILER ALERT!!!! (sorry)

What I Read:  The 5th Wave, Rick Yancey, Science Fiction, Pages 457, 4 1/2 Stars

How It Starts: With this book, it starts right in the action. The 4th wave had already ended, so the book then goes to explain what happened in the first, second, and third wave, which is this. In the first wave the aliens took all of their technology and electricity, phones, cars, lights, etc. Then the second wave hit, their soul purpose was to take out big city’s. So they dropped big rods from the sky to hit major fault lines causing earth quakes, The third wave was the worst tho. They infected all of the birds with Ebola virus, causing the majority of the survives to get sick. Except Cassie. Cassie for Cassiopia. She was part of the last survivors on earth, the 4th wave causing the death of 5 billion people, she was one of the few to survive.

How it gets complicated: So this is when the book starts to back track on what happened in the waves to hit. Cassie and her family are sent to a camp after their mother died, thinking that they are going to be protected. That wasn’t really the case. A bus comes to pick up anyone under the age of 12, her brother included, saying they are going to a high security camp where they will be safe from the silencers (aliens) but Cassies dad soon finds out that they are just going to be left their to die while the children are taken, and that gets him killed. So Cassie runs to try to survive on her own.

What I liked: I always love books where their is never a dull moment, and this was defiantly one of them. It start right in the action which I love.

What I disliked: I didn’t like at first how it kept jumping around form character to character. It kind of made the book a little more confusing, but I soon found out that it would all make sense at the end.

Recommendation: I think I would recommend this book to anyone who like action or a good love story, I think it did both of those pretty solidly so if you like that go for it.

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  • Jayden commented on October 2, 2019 Reply

    I have read the book , I like how you give a good description with out spoiling to much.

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