Deep Thinkers 2.3


Source: Looking for Alaska, John Green, Page 143

Quote: But he can breath, and I know this because he is hyperventilating, breathing as if trying to blow air back into the dead.

Context: This is right after all of them had just found out Alaska was dead. Chip was defiantly the one taking it hardest because he knew Alaska the longest and they were just best friends. So knowing that she was actually gone, made him feel like he was dying, its like losing a part of your self. His friends are doing everything they can to try to help him but, honestly, there is nothing you can do because who will never just forget them.

This makes me think: Death is such a scary thing to me. Just not knowing where we go when we die. So I think that fear played a lot into how chip was really feeling. The fact that you don’t know if you will ever see them again. That statement is almost lost for words.

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