Book review 2.1

What I read: The Infinite Sea, Rick Yancey, Science Fiction, 457, and 4 stars

How it starts: At the beginning of the book it kind of explains what happened in the first book, and where the characters were now. Evan had left in the end of the first book, and he still hadn’t come back so the rest of the group were really starting to doubt Cassie’s judgement.The group started to get worried because ringer had left and still hadn’t come back.

How it gets complicated: Everything up until this point was pretty okay considering there circumstances. But then a little girl that one of them knew in the first book shows up saying that her throat hurts, then she passes out. They then come to find out that the others (aliens) had put CO2 bomb inside of her. And if she breaths it could kill them all.

What I liked: I really loved how different it was from the first book situation wise. Because there are new characters it makes things a lot more interesting, and complicated at the same time which made the book really interesting. I also really like all the new introduced love interests.

What I disliked: I don’t think there was anything except how it kind of recapped at the beginning seeing as I already knew all of that.

Recommendation: I would diffidently recommend this book if you have read the first book, because it wouldn’t really make sence. Its also a book that most people would like I think.


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