Book Review 2.2

What I read: Looking for Alaska, John Green, Young adult fiction, 223, and 5 stars

How it starts: It takes place at a private school for highly educated kids called Culver Creek. Miles (Pudge) is new. His roommate, who he immediately becomes friends with is names Chip (The carnal). They there is Takumi, who they are also friends with, and of course, Alaska. They all become immediate friends with Pudge  and continuously do prank wars against the Week Day Warriors, who are the rich kids at there school.

How it gets complicated: They soon come to find out some things about Alaska’s past that are really unsettling to all of them due to a drinking game they played called Good day, Bad day. (I can’t really say what happened due to spoilers) They also come to know that Pudge is in love with Alaska, which they all start to find out at the beginning of the book. But it becomes a problem seeing as Alaska is already dating someone.

What I liked: This is probably in like, my top 5 favorite books ever read, I really loved it. I think one of my favorite things about it was that they pinpoint different religions even tho none of them are particularly religious. It just adds a lot of depth to the book which I loved.

What I disliked: Again, I loved this book, so there isn’t really anything I could say bad about it. An interesting point to make tho is before I read the book, I actually watched the T.V series. And it is safe to say that the book was 100 times better, but I was expecting that.

Recommendation: I do recommend this book, but, I do have to say it is targeted towards an older audience because of some of the crudeness and language, So if you don’t feel mature enough I guess, it probably wouldn’t be for you. But if you are, read it, I loved it.

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