How I Survive Hard Things

To be honest, the things I have gone through I don’t really like talking about anymore, but over the years I have developed coping mechanisms I guess, just things I do to make myself feel better or to make the situation better in general. I think the one main thing I do, and I guess the most unique world be my art. I use drawing as a coping mechanism, again, it’s always been harder for me to talk to anyone about how I’m feeling. But I can easily put it all into a drawing. It more helps me express how I’m feeling rather than just laying it all out on someone else, or bottling it all in. Another thing I also always done is talk to someone, even tho I might hate it. I obviously cant talk to anyone and everyone about it. But I have a best friend that has gone through a similar situation as I have so we kind of help each other, and for that we have gotten really close.

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  • Jayden commented on December 3, 2019 Reply

    I agree that art can help

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