“Harlem” Poetry Response

I actually liked this poem, the first time I read it, it didn’t make sense but after reading the analysis and watching the videos I thought it was pretty cool. I like all of the similes in it because they put visuals in my head that made it easier for me to relate to the poem and what the author was trying to say. I think the author was trying to say that even though African Americans were “free” they still didn’t really have rights, this whole idea of the “American Dream” didn’t really apply to them. It was like they still had all these things they wanted to do but they couldn’t because there was still so much racism keeping them from doing the things they wanted to accomplish. My favorite lines from the poem were, “Like a heavy load. Or does it explode?” to me this made me think of when we put a dream or a goal away that we didn’t complete and we just keep thinking about it until we finally have to figure out a way to do something about it because it’s driving us crazy.

“Consider Things from His Point of View”

I chose Tom Robinson because he is the person who I really wanted to win and I started to think about what daily life was like for him and I was just thinking about how it probably wasn’t the easiest. He said that he would go work for someone who didn’t seem like a bad person and it sounded like he was ok with his job. Overall he was a good person he seemed respectful and from the way he told the story he was always kind and helpful to Mayella. He did have to deal with being black though which was sadly unfortunate in those times because that’s why this whole thing started anyways he was just a friendly guy who had a family and would mind his own business. Out of nowhere he just got screwed because someone was embarrassed of their own mistake blamed it on him, costing this innocent man his life.

How I’m Dealing With This Corona Virus Stuff

I’m actually doing pretty ok with everything happening. I mean it sucks to have to stay in my house for so long and not getting to see my friends for a while but there are people in much worse conditions than me so I will be ok. For the most part school is pretty easy, I like doing everything on my own time except for math, I was already having a hard time with it while we were in school and now that we don’t have school it’s only gotten worse. I’ve actually been way more productive than I thought I would be. I decided I was gonna go on a run every morning and I’ve actually done it and it helps me start off my days at a good time so I can actually get stuff done. I would not be doing this if school was still in. Other than that I just play 2K with my brothers in my free time and it’s pretty fun.

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“Strange Fruit”

Alright so the first time I read this poem I was just disturbed and sad. I had a hard time understanding what I was reading and I was just thinking who would write something like this and I really disliked it because all I could picture were people hanging from a tree which is terrible. Then I went on to read the analysis and the story of Billie Holiday and my point of view became so different. I realized the impact that this poem had on people and the things it made us realize. I went back and read it again and this time my outlook was so different. It still made me sad but the author did such a good job at making us picture and really feel what was happening during that time. I thought it was interesting that the whole time these people were referred to as “strange fruit”, to me it shows how normal it was for people back then to lynch people and just think of it as nothing. This poem definitely changed my outlook and how I feel about how it really was back then in the south.


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Blind Spots

In the book, “To Kill A Mockingbird” Atticus is telling Jem about how even good people have blind spots. I think in the story the reason Atticus says the people going to lynch Tom Robinson are good people was because to them doing things like that were normal for them. It’s what it had always been so they didn’t really notice that it was not right. It was almost just like going through the motions, until Scout brought Mr. Cunningham to his senses and he realized that it was wrong. I think that sometimes as things that we used to not do become more and more frequent in our lives they can become less bizarre or weird for us until it’s normal and that’s what I feel like blind spots are, it’s just things we don’t even notice anymore it’s just normal for us because we’ve gotten so used to it.

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Real Courage

I think courage is doing something that you know is going to be difficult or doing something out of the ordinary that others won’t do. It’s like fighting against all of the odds and you are not likely to win but you still do it anyways. In the book, “To Kill A Mockingbird” Atticus is telling Jem about how he wanted him to learn what real courage was and he said, “It’s when you know you’re licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what.” I think this means that it’s when you know it’s gonna suck and it’s not gonna be easy but you just keep going because it’s something you have to do. What I think of when I think of courage is bravery which is pretty similar but I feel like courage is more of doing the scary things that no one else will do or doing the things that you are afraid to do.

What Would I Miss Most?

I think that something I would miss most would be my phone and my airpods because honestly I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have my music always playing. It’s not that I hate people but going to school and having to listen to everyone yell in the halls and stuff kinda sucks so it’s nice to just block everyone out all the time and if I didn’t have that I think I would go a little crazy. I think the biggest difference would be how social I am because you can’t just be on your phone instead of talking to people so I would talk to more people and maybe make more friends than I do now. I would also miss my family a lot because I feel like families are one of those things that everyone takes for granted and life would suck if you didn’t have your family.

What Went Wrong?

I think that the reason everything got so off track was because on paper it was easy to say that everyone should be equal but people who had slaves didn’t want to admit that it wasn’t fair because they would lose everything that they already had. When the civil war was fought slavery was finally ended but they never fully gave black people rights. Men continued to own men it just wasn’t considered slavery anymore but black people were doing the exact same thing because they weren’t given the opportunities or the rights that they were promised. I think that everyone was still in the mindset of blacks being different and only being slaves so now that they could do normal things they needed to be separated or still looked at as less. I feel like maybe people were so used to seeing black people as only slaves and because of their differences they could not see each others as equal citizens.


I think that Atticus taking this case is a good thing. Even though he knows he’s not going to win it shows that he is willing to do that for other people and shows that he doesn’t judge based on race. It’s also a bigger deal because his family has to deal with the problems it brings too. I think that it’s more about the example he’s setting for the people around him and he is trying to get others to change like him. I think sometimes we do things that seem like there is just no way we can succeed in them but how hard we work on it and the attitude you have about it can change the outcome or how you feel about the outcome. Even if you didn’t succeed there’s so much more that can come out of it like the things you’ve learned for yourself and the examples you’ve set for those around you.

Busy Worrying About the Next

I think Miss Maudie is just trying to tell Scout that Atticus is just such a good person that even if he was super drunk he would still be a better person then some people are at their very best. I think she’s trying to show Scout that some people use religion as a way to put people down or enforce more rules like how they told her she needed to spend more time inside reading the bible instead of outside on her flowers. I think that when she was talking about the people that are, “so busy worrying about the next world they’ve never learned to live in this one” she’s saying people are wasting their time on things that aren’t very important instead of just living the life that they have right now. I think that she is right about how we waste our time on dumb things that aren’t really going to matter later instead of just living in the present.