How I’m Dealing With This Corona Virus Stuff

I’m actually doing pretty ok with everything happening. I mean it sucks to have to stay in my house for so long and not getting to see my friends for a while but there are people in much worse conditions than me so I will be ok. For the most part school is pretty easy, I like doing everything on my own time except for math, I was already having a hard time with it while we were in school and now that we don’t have school it’s only gotten worse. I’ve actually been way more productive than I thought I would be. I decided I was gonna go on a run every morning and I’ve actually done it and it helps me start off my days at a good time so I can actually get stuff done. I would not be doing this if school was still in. Other than that I just play 2K with my brothers in my free time and it’s pretty fun.

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3 thoughts on How I’m Dealing With This Corona Virus Stuff

  1. I know how you feel I was already struggling with math and now that I can’t get help like in person it’s a lot harder

  2. Yeah me to Im doing good in my other subjects but I need help with math. I don’t think my grades are going to be good. We’ve just had a lot of laser gun wars.


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