why I think Mr Green Hates Costumes

ut I think that Mr Green hates Halloween/Costumes is because of many reasons! One reason is Hatred I think Mr Green is super self conscious about the way people look at him! I think this is why he wers the same thing every day. The only thing he chages is his tie! I think that this is a littl bit suspictious!! Another reason I think he doesn’t like Halloween is because he is also jelous i bet if nobody was on this Earth then he would be dwight Schrute from the office! but as I said he won’t do a Halloween costume because he is scared of being judged!




friend or foe

I think phones and technology can be bad and good I think they are good because they are used for contacting people that are far away. And 1 reasons I think phones are bad is because spam reasons! I can technology is a critical part of our community. I also feel like having a phone as a teenager and be a good and bad thing I feel like teenagers should totally be able to contact their legal Guardians. But hole I think it’s also a bad day because we attend to be on our phones more than 2 hours each day for example yesterday my screen time was 12 hours. And I’m not addicted to my phone just kidding every teenager says that,adicted to their phone. So are you!? i know Brooke is!

the velt

i liked this artical i think other people in the class liked it to. i like alot of the things in the artical like for example i liked the peole and most of the things they did. I also liked they things they said. I feel like the things they say and do are somethings we should look more into and aply into are lifes and help other peple do the same. There are a lot of good articals and books out there and almost all of them have good meanings to them and aso have a good saying to them.



what will the future be like?

I Think the future will be just more advanced then it is now! For example there will be more eletric cars and less gas powered things. Also I think houses will be bigger and there will be less animals, and more tecknowledgey with phones and cas and even school. I think that this is a good thing tho. I also think the world will be safer for kids, because there will be more high tec to help us see problrms and also to help us solv them. I think the future will turn out to be great, and it will be safe!

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what iv been reading



oct 1,2019

I have been reading Hatchet i think so far its a great book, I like that it has a lot of intence parts in it. so far in the book this plane crashes on a island and thies people need to survive on the island and they have limited resorce and food they come across many problems like wolfs and other things. Then more problems start to happen! I really recamed this book. I think it is great. I also like it because it is a really simple book and its really short too, so thats why I like it!



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i can use language

This post contains graphic content please be avised! I will be telling you why I hate this class. Mr green is a fine guy  And i love enlish I just dont like this class its really boring we do the same thing like every day and I feel like this class is the same every single day. We dont change anything that is why it isnt that fun!  so I feel like we coud do things to make this class a lot more fun! And its up to him to decide if this class will become more intersting and fun!

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I have liked my experience with writing but now it just isn’t as Fun as it has been. But I learned how to write abc to writing whole essays and that will help me out in the future.What I feel like I am good with writing is making sure it’s clean and organized and I feel like that makers a lot to me.And one thing I feel like I am not so good with writing is I type to much and it doesn’t make much sense for the readers. But I know I can do a lot better in this class.

who am I as a writer?

I HATE writing I don’t enjoy it, but i think for writing I think i’m good at thinking of good things to say when I write. I think one thing I have a hard time with is one is when i’m writing because i’m left handed so it smears all over the thing i’m writing on, the second thing is I just don’t have a lot of patience to just sit still and type on a computer [ ya this sucks right now] its also just as hard to just sit and write on a paper. But one thing I can and should work on is doing better on having a positive attitude about writing.

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Small Improvements and 1% Gains

i feel like not doing bad things drugs like stimulants and depressants and opium-related painkillers and hallucinogen. Other things like not dating under age and also not sitting on screens all of the time and also going outside and getting a full hour of exercise. One more thing would be going to school ever day on time ready to learn what the teacher has prepared for me. And the last thing is that eating better then I have been, not eating s much junk food and maybe eating good foods like salad and eating good thing that will make my heath better.