Deep Thinker 2 from Dandelion Wine

Quote: “In all the years not one single dish resembled another. Was this one from the deep green sea? Had that one been shot from blue summer air? Was it a swimming food or a flying food, had it pumped blood or chlorophyll, had it walked or leaned after the sun? No one asked. No one cared.”

Context: The narrator is explaining what dinner was like in the boarding house run by Douglas Spaulding’s grandmother. He’s making the point that Doug’s grandmother can make a great meal out of anything, and that no one ever cares to even ask what it is because it is so delicious.

This made me think: Aside from the cool and unusual way the author was able to describe people enjoying a meal, this quote reminded me of the way people enjoy food today in a world very different from the world Bradbury is describing inĀ Dandelion Wine. Today, we get food from the store, from a restaurant, or from Burger King without ever stopping to think where it comes from, and sometimes without even thinking about what it actually is. It’s kind of ironic that this passage is used to describe people enjoying delicious homemade food, but it could also be used to describe very different people enjoying processed garbage mystery food.

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