Son – Book 41

Son by Lois Lowry

393 pages / Dystopian fiction / 4 out of 5 stars

I loved Part 1 of this book. It was cool being back in the world of The Giver seeing that world again from a different and unexpected perspective. I like the way the story was shaped in Parts 2 and 3, but I felt like the story lost a lot of steam and my interest waned a bit once Part 1 ended. I really enjoy Lowry’s understated world-building. I love that she shows so much restraint and fights  the urge so many writers give in to, to go back and burden the reader with every detail about the history of her setting. She focuses on the story and omits any details that don’t drive her story forward. The only thing I really dislike about Lowry’s writing, in the installment as well as the other books related to The Giver, is her tendency to rely on “clean-sweep” endings, in which everything is wrapped up suddenly through supernatural means. It’s the only reason I don’t feel like I can ever give her books a five-star rating.

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