Word Nerd 2.3 – revetments

Source: The October Country by Ray Bradbury, page 76, from the short story “Skeleton”

Context: “He stood upright because he could not bear to remain seated. Inside me now, he grasped his stomach, his head, inside my head is a–skull. One of those curved carapaces which holds my brain like an electrical jelly, one of those cracked shells with the holes in front like two holes shot through it by a double-barreled shotgun! With its grottoes and caverns of bone, its revetments and placements for my flesh, my smelling, my seeing, my hearing, my thinking!A skull, encompassing my brain, allowing it exit through its brittle windows to see the outside world!”

In Their Words:

re·​vet·​ment | \ ri-ˈvet-mənt  \ noun
1a facing (as of stone or concrete) to sustain an embankment
2EMBANKMENT especially a barricade to provide shelter (as against bomb fragments or strafing)


In My Words: kind of like a retaining wall, propping up one side and keeping the other side secure or safe

In Pictures:

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