Deep Thinker 2.4–Secrets Are Like Bullets

Source: Retribution Rails by Erin Bowman, page 183

Quote: “Secrets are like bullets. Ditto the dark, personal stuff. Folks say they’ll take ’em off yer hands, share the burden, but really they just load ’em into their own weapons so they can use ’em against you later.”

Context: It’s Arizona in 1887. The Wild West! Reese is a young man who has been forced to join a gang of outlaws called the Rose Riders against his will because he has information they want. Charlotte is an aspiring journalist who is convinced Reese in a murderous outlaw that may try to kill her at any time. Reese unburdens himself of his secret past hoping to gain her trust, only for Charlotte to double-down on her mistrustful attitude, making Reese sad.

This Makes Me Think: This was just about the only well-written and insightful passage in this whole book. I think a lot of us can identify with making ourselves vulnerable to another person, counting on a positive response, and then having that person react totally negatively. It’s rough to put yourself out there and have someone violate your trust, and that’s the feeling I think this passage captures.


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