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Christopher Skip GreenProfile

Pleasant Grove Junior High
810 N 100 E
Pleasant Grove, Utah
Room 214





Welcome to my Language Arts class! This is the place for parents and students to get acquainted with me and see what we are doing in my classroom. I’m excited to be teaching in a great school with a great team of teachers. I’ve lived in Provo and Orem for most of my life, though I have also had the opportunity to do some extended traveling in the US, Canada, the UK, and France. I really enjoy learning about other cultures and experiencing other ways of life. As much as I like traveling, I’m always happy coming home to Utah, my favorite place to be a tourist.

I attended Utah Valley University and left with a Bachelor of the Arts in English Literature and a wife, Allison. We’re both English majors and our house is practically built out of books. We’ve also been building an enviable family unit with two toe-headed little girls, Eleanor and Adeline. We also just recently added another happy and healthy baby girl, Evelyn.

In addition to my family and literature, I’m crazy about history, music, and art. I cut my reading teeth on comic books as a teenager and have played guitar in several unsuccessful rock and/or roll bands. I’m open to literature in any form, but I also think we should all make room for the “classics,” (whatever those are). I’m excited to join with my students in discovering all kinds of new uses for the literary arts!

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