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My Dark Places – Summer Reading Books 1 & 2

My Dark Places by James Ellroy

433 pages / Memoir and True Crime / 3 out of 5 stars

When James Ellory was ten years old his mother was murdered. Her murder was never solved. Thirty years later, after growing up and becoming a best-selling crime writer, he teams up with a retired cold case detective to solve his mother’s murder. I don’t really want to spoil anything, but it doesn’t work. They still don’t know who killed her. He basically spends the first half of the book reviewing the original investigation and saying, “They never found anything.” He spends the second half of the book reviewing his own investigation and saying, “We never found anything.” Three out of five stars is a generous review, but it’s mostly just because I like the author.

I Did Not Finish The 50 Book Challenge This Year.

I did not finish the 50 Book Challenge this year, but I did read 42 books, which is pretty darn close. I also want to point out that if I were to count all the books I read that came within 20 pages of counting as 2 (400 pages or more) I would have gotten to 45. To punish myself, I’m going to find a room like this one and lock myself away and do nothing but read until I feel like I’ve learned my lesson. This would also be my reward if I had finished. I win, either way.