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Word Nerd 2.6 – ennui

In the Book: The October Country, by Ray Bradbury, page 63, from the short story “The Watchful Poker Chip of H. Matisse

In Context: “Mr. Garvey’s subconscious told him in utmost secrecy that he was the opener of a theatrical season, his success dependent upon the staying power of the ennui he inspired in others. Enjoying himself, he nevertheless guessed why these lemmings thronged to his private sea. Underneath, Garvey was a surprisingly brilliant man, but his unimaginative parents had crushed him in the Terribly Strange Bed of their environment.”

In Their Words:

en·​nui | \ ˌän-ˈwē

 a feeling of weariness and dissatisfaction BOREDOM

In My Words: a pretentious word for boredom

In Pictures:

“Free! Body and Soul Free!”

The women in the stories we read have nearly every aspect of their lives controlled either by the men around them or by the expectations society placed on them making them feel trapped, even though, by most definitions, they would be considered “free.” It certainly doesn’t appear that they feel free.

There are a lot of things that would make people today feel trapped. Depression and other mental problems, body image issues, strict parents, not having a lot of money, being stuck in school all day. Any of these things could make someone feel like they aren’t free.

To me, being free means asserting control over the things that a person can change in his or her own life. Nobody will be able to control everything, but changing the things you can change is what makes a person feel like they have freedom and control. That was the woman’s realization at the end of the “Locked Inside” poem. Things weren’t going to change for her, but going out and trying to change things on her own was how she learned to unlock her door and leave the room she was trapped in. Louise, the woman who died at the end of “The Story of an Hour,” took the opposite path. She was waiting for things to change for her, instead of trying to change them herself, and things didn’t end happily.

Hello world!

Hey there, blogging students! I’m excited to experiment with blogging this year in our classroom. We’ll be using blogs for many of the skills that we used to practice and assess using traditional pen-and-paper journals. Although I’m sad to see those composition notebooks go, I think the pros of blogging far outweigh the cons of losing our journals. Not only is it easier to get your thoughts down on the page using a blog, but blogging can be a far more interactive and engaging experience. Take some time and make your blog your own. I’m new to this technology, so I’m relying on my students to jump in and experiment and help me discover some of the cool things we can do with these blogs. Have fun with it, and don’t forget that you can spy on your friends and enemies and see what they are doing with their blogs. blogging-meme

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