The Veldt

The children, Peter and Wendy Thought crazy things and those crazy things came true. Their mother and father, Gorge and Linda I think. I can’t quite remember the mother’s name. Anyway Gorge and Linda were very furious and thought to close down there house that they paid for and the nursery that costed a lot more than their house was. And thought to go vacation, from all the crazy stuff that was happening/going on. Peter and Wendy asked their parents not to turn off the nursery. But their father realized it had to go off. And so basically the nursery is in the way of a lot of things. And the characters are, I already named them, They are the children, Peter and Wendy, the parents, Gorge and I think her name is Linda. And the children want the nursery to stay on and the parents want a vacation from their house, the nursery, everything weird from their house that they paid on. And the story gets a little complicated because everything that the children say they want comes true. And the conflict is most likely the nursery. I liked how the parents decided that they get a vacation. And I disliked the thing is everything the children wanted comes true.

2 thoughts on “The Veldt

  1. I read this story as well and I absolutely loved it. It had the perfect amount of everything I look for in a story. It was very creepy and scary accurate especially with a lot of the technology. By the way the moms name is Lydia;)

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