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The Veldt

The children, Peter and Wendy Thought crazy things and those crazy things came true. Their mother and father, Gorge and Linda I think. I can’t quite remember the mother’s name. Anyway Gorge and Linda were very furious and thought to close down there house that they paid for and the nursery that costed a lot more than their house was. And thought to go vacation, from all the crazy stuff that was happening/going on. Peter and Wendy asked their parents not to turn off the nursery. But their father realized it had to go off. And so basically the nursery is in the way of a lot of things. And the characters are, I already named them, They are the children, Peter and Wendy, the parents, Gorge and I think her name is Linda. And the children want the nursery to stay on and the parents want a vacation from their house, the nursery, everything weird from their house that they paid on. And the story gets a little complicated because everything that the children say they want comes true. And the conflict is most likely the nursery. I liked how the parents decided that they get a vacation. And I disliked the thing is everything the children wanted comes true.

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What I’ve been reading

The books I have been reading and finished was The Girl That Was Supposed To Die, The books I’m reading now are Ghoul Friends Forever, and The Red Queen. The first book I read and finished was really good. I really liked it. It was about this girl that didn’t know who she is where she is and who her family is and where her family is. She got kidnapped and over heard them arguing about either kill her or not. And I think that she, while their arguing she escapes and becomes friend with this boy named Ty, his real name is Tyler but they call him Ty for short. And he tries to help her find her family. And that’s about it. The author to that book is April Henry. If you like scary book like I do, you should read it. It’s a very good book. And I give it 5/5 stars. The second book I’m reading is Ghoul Friends Forever. And right now I’m on chapter 3 It’s good so far, so far I give it about 1 or 2/5. I don’t quite know what’s happening yet until I’m right in the middle of the book. The author for that book is Gitty Daneshvari. I don’t know how to pronounce the first and last name. And the third book I’m about to read is The Red Queen. I don’t know what it’s about yet because I haven’t started reading it yet. But my friend Kairi has read the hole series and said I should read it, because of how good she said it was. So I think I’m gonna read it. The author to that book is Victoria Aveyard.

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2095:What will the future be like?

I think the future will be a lot more different than it will be right now. And I just think it’ll be a lot newer and everything might be a lot better. Like for example the computers might be a lot  and cooler. And scooters and bikes might be a lot cooler too. How? Well the computers might have touch screen like they do now. And the computer might have google that you speak into instead of typing anything you need information about. And the scooters might have a lot more room for like 3 or 5 people. And the bikes might fly which I doubt will happen.

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“There will be soft rains” poetry analysis

She is trying to say that usually in war meaning world war 1 has dark clouds and is raining outside. And that a lot of people can hear it and see it. But others meaning woman are hiding from the fight that men are having so they don’t get hurt or get injured badly like men would do f they were in a fight.

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What I’m doing right and What I can still do better

I know what I’m doing right. And I know what I can still do better. The thing I’m doing right and still doing is drawing, I love to draw, a lot even. And even though I mess up I can still do it better. Even though I say I’m good at drawing, which I am I don’t know how to draw by myself. If I;m drawing by myself I’m terrible at it, but with a little help from you tube, then I’m a little bit more better at it. And yet I still draw, I don’t give up. Even though I try. So what I’m doing right, I draw right, I can still draw  better.

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Who am I as a writer?

I like to write a lot, even if I have a choice to. I write a lot like about my family and what’s going on in my life. When I am writing a book on anything and give it to someone I trust with telling me the truth, they’ll either say I liked it and want to read it again and get another copy and re-read it again. Or its bad but good here’s what you need to fix… I like honest people that I know I can trust. But if I like the book I wrote and other people don’t and tell me to fix it, I won’t because I am proud of it. But other time for my free time I will either write or read a book. Mostly play with my younger siblings. But other than that I like to write. It helps me become an author, even though I wanted to. But I don’t think I want to. I know who I am as a writer. I have a lot  full of stories I want to write about. But I will when I get the time to write about anything I like or enjoy. That’s who I am as a writer.

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