Book Declaration Term 3

For this term, I have chosen to read The Space Between Us, written by Thrity Umrigar. This book was published in 2005 by HarperCollins. I chose to read this book because, it is a national bestseller, and my mom told me it was pretty good so I decided to read it. This book has 319 pages. The main characters name is Bihma. 


The author of my book is  Thrity Umrigar. She wrote this book in 2005 in the united states. Thrity Umrigar has written for the washington post and the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and other national newspapers. She teaches creative writing and literature, and lives in Cleveland, Ohio.

This book is about a girl named Bihma who is trying to gain freedom from slavery, but it is hard for her to achieve that because she is pregnant. I am not sure what I am expecting to happen, but my mom told me this book is kinda sad so maybe shell find someone she loves or maybe lose them. My book has 319 pages. to get finished by december 6 I have to read atleast 13 pages a day.

Book Declaration Term 2

For this term I have chosen to read Hold Me Like A Breath by Tiffany Schmidt. This book was published in October 2015 by First Schoolastic Printing. I chose to read this book because my sister has always been telling me to read it so i chose it. My book has 383 pages. The main character is a girl named Penelope.

The author of this book is Tiffany Schmidt. This book was written in Pennsylvania in 2015. The author lives in Pennsylvania with a husband two sons and two dogs. Tiffany Schmidt has written 8+ books.

Based on what I have read so far in this book i have many different predictions about what will happen. The plot is about a girl named Penelope. She and her brother hang out sometimes and go places together with another kid named Garret. The conflict is is she has a disease which makes her bruise super easy. I predict that she might get hurt really bad and then almost die but then the doctors save her. Or I think that the doctors might be evil.

My book has 383 pages and I have 39 more days to read it. That means i have to read about 10 pages per day to be finished by Friday December 6.

Setting in Dragon Slippers

I read Dragon Slippers by Jessica day George. It is set in a castle during the olden times. My book has 352 pages in it.

Creel is forced to go into a dragons cave for her to be saved by a knight so her family can be wealthy. The plan backfires and creel bargains with the dragon for a pair of shoes. she goes to the kings seat There is a turn of events when creel meets princess Amalia. Princess Amalia really likes creels shoes so she decides one day to take them from her. Little did creel know that those were the shoes of the queen dragon that allows you to control dragons. The whole town realizes that princess Amalia and the rulani people are trying to defeat their kingdom. This effects everyone to be in danger.

Creel is friends with many dragons, and her closest one is named shardas. She is super mad and angry and sad because the princess is controlling him. Creel is also mad because a girl named larkin was the one who stole her slippers.

Eventually all the dragons and people work together to save the kingdom and free the dragons and be at peace with everyone.


Book Declaration Term 1

For this term I have chosen to read Dragon Slippers, by Jessica Day George. It was published by Bloomsbury U.S.A. Children’s books in the year 2007. I chose to read this book because my sister suggested it to me and it looked like a good book, Also i have read another book by this same author and I really enjoyed it.

Jessica Day George is the author of Dragon Slippers. It was written in Fifth Avenue New York in 2007. She studied at Brigham Young University, where she enjoyed classes in pottery making and Old Norse and dutifully forced herself to sit through biology and math. She was born in Idaho but has lived in Delaware and New Jersey. She now lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with her husband and their young son and a dog.

From what i have read so far in the book, the main character is a girl named Creel. She is a poor farm girl that lives with her aunt and cousin, But creel doesn’t want to live with her aunt and cousins, so she gets the idea from her mother before she dies to make a clothes shop in the kings place. Later she meets a dragon, I think later she might become friends with a dragon or get to meet the prince.

My book has 321 pages in it. I will read 9 pages every day.

All about me 2019


August 27 2019

Hello. My name is Gwenyth Elcock, but most people call me Gwen. I am 13 years old. My birthday is March 15. I really love to be with animals, because they make me happy. I have two dogs, four birds, and a gecko. I love to play the piano. I like to roller blade. I also do dance. Sometimes when i’m bored i like to make bracelets. My favorite color is yellow or red, but i do like most any color. I like to read only if its a really good book. One of my favorite subjects is math, I dont know why, its just fun sometimes.

Also I like pickles.

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