I’m a Big Kid Now!

I have grown a lot this year especially with being able to follow the learning targets and to get the grade that I would like to have during the whole year. I have grown as a person by being able to take what I can do to have what needs to be done and work it out. Especially sense it is the end of the school year and to finish off with good grades. I am most proud of being able to have A’s and A- through the whole year and having nothing lower than that. I am also proud of being able to have the drive to work and earn my grades that I want to have.

Secrets Secrets Are No Fun; Secret Secrets Hurt Someone

I think we keep secrets because we get ashamed for what we have done. With that we are afraid to tell someone because we don’t want them to judge us. Another reason could be is that we don’t want to get into trouble. If we keep the secrets and lie about what we have done then we are most likely to get into more trouble the longer we lie and don’t tell someone what is really going on. With talking to others we can help solve our problems and get help if we need it. If we don’t then no one will ever really know what is going on and it can turn out a lot worse then we can expect. This relates to us because we want to seem the best we possible can and to be popular. When really when we are all caught up in that then you can not be yourself cause you are to worried about how others see you so we lie about who or how we really are.

Love Moderately

I think that Friar Lawrence is trying to tell Romeo and Juliet is it isn’t all butterflies and rainbows when you get married, you have your ups and downs and that it might not be how you want it all the time. Your not always going to get along. I also think that he is trying to tell them that they need to take things slow and need to calm down about getting married. I think that this is good advice because most people get themselves into things that they didn’t realize how it was going to turn out in the end. I think that Romeo and Juliet will not take this advice because they are so caught up in their love.


I don’t know why people hate each other for not good. It might be because of their believe windows everyone has them for what they believe in. For example Romeo and Juliet’s families do not like each other. They have grown up hearing that they hate the Capulet’s and that they do not get along so it has just become one of their believes. Most the time I dislike people for the actions that they do, it really bugs me when people do things for no good reason. We all have to think about what is going on in there lives because their parents could be getting a divorce or their grandma has died so that is they reason they have been acting the way they are.


I think that we should not teach Shakespeare because it is hard to read for some kids. It is especially hard for kids that have reading disabilities. Sense it could potentially be hard for some kids they might give up and because they can’t understand it and they will just give up because it is to hard for them and then the six weeks that we study it for will just be a waste of time. For those who give up can become a distraction because they don’t want to learn about it and they have nothing else to do for six weeks.  

Everything I Know or Think I Know About Shakespeare

I really honestly know really nothing about Shakespeare. The only thing that I really know is that he wrote really dramatic plays and poems. The experiences I have had with Shakespeare is that we kinda touched on it last year and read something that he wrote but I honestly don’t remember anything that happened at all. I just remember having it be a little confusing. I except that studying Shakespeare for me is that it wont be my kind of liking and it might get a little boring. I expect that after I do read Shakespeare though is that I will think of it differently and that I might actually like it and will have new incites on many things. 


Being able to assess and grade your own work is very important if you want to do a good job with anything you want to do. Being able to assess whatever you are doing is very important to help you through out your life, with school work, a job anything that you might want to do. Your not always going to have someone right by your side telling you everything that you need to do, change, workout etc., you are going to have to do it for yourself. By assessing for yourself you are showing you what you need to change and being able to fix what you want. 

How I Will Dominate During 4th Term

I was really proud of myself for getting an A and staying caught up on all my assignments. I had basketball and I would miss English every time I had a game. therefor I had to come in and make it up.  I did really good with keeping up with my assignments and doing them at home and turning them in on time. Before the end of the year I would like to improve on my writing and reading at home. I never read at home and I never make the time for it which I should. My goals before the end of the school year are to improve my writing skills and read more at home. 

How I Feel About How To Kill A Mockingbird

I really enjoyed reading To Kill A Mocking bird. It was worded very well and I liked how she brought the beginning of the story to the end and had it all tied in together. I really liked how she put us in there shoes so we could see what it was like back then. Especially with the trial and how racist people were. At times though it did get a little confusing of what was going on but I just read back through it. Also at times it did get a little boring and wasn’t really my liking. But overall it was a really good experience. 

Good Stuff in To Kill A Mockingbird

I choose the quote when Atticus says, “We’re making a step.” “It’s just a baby-step, but it’s a step.” I like this quote because just the littlest of changes can make a big difference in our lives over time. It’s just like the 1% gain article we read earlier this year. In the article it talks about how the little changes we make will make a huge difference over time. It’s just the little steps we take to become better. To me all that matters is if you are trying to get better even if it is just the smallest of changes we make. 

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