How I Felt About The First Story

The first story that I read was “The Sniper”. The most eager thing that I want to discuss with my group is how come he went back to see who he killed, someone could easily shoot him. Just because it is quit doesn’t mean that people aren’t going to be there. And he is still alive, why is he risking his life like it doesn’t matter who he killed. All that matters is that he is still alive. He was wondering who he killed because what if it was someone he knew. He shouldn’t have gone over to see who it was because it was his brother. Because they got split up during the war. 

What I Look For In A Good Character

What I look for in a good character is how they are explained. If They are explained we might have things in common with them, or we might even be able to relate to them. They authors try to have real life situations that have happened or can happen. Like in a Distance Prayer a man that lives in Utah gets drafted into world war 11. He is married and has a infant son. His team and him have to complete 50 missions they were on their 49th mission and something happens and he is captured as a prisoner of war then he escapes and gets back to his family. The author made me pay attention to the character because it is a real life situation.

Why Do We Read Stories

We put so much time into reading stories to our siblings, nieces or nephews, etc. because it teaches them life lessons so they know that there might be a ugly duckling or someone who has a hard life situation that they are going through. It shows them how to handle those situations. It also helps them to know how they could act if they were in a situation like that and that it is ok to be different. We read them to them because it explains in a way for little kids so they can understand what is happening and to get the big picture. 

The Best I Have Ever Read

My favorite book that I have read is Beholding Bee. It’s about a girl who lives with her aunt because he parents got in a car crash. They work at the carnival and bee works in the hot dog stand. She has a diamond on her face that everyone stares. She is so self conscious that she always pulls her hair tight to her face so nobody can see it.  Pauline who is her aunt goes off with her boyfriend to get a better life and then she will come back and get her. After a few days she runs away with her dog and her pig. She stays at her aunts house which she can only see. They make her go to school and she meets her best friend. Her mom is skeptical because she knows that bee doesn’t have any aunts she is living with and invites her over anytime she wants. Then they decide to go find Pauline when they get there they find her and a guy stops them from leaving. 

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