Term 1 Reflection

I feel like I did ok during first term I wish I could’ve gotten an A in the class instead of an A-. I didn’t redo any of my assignments therefor that’s what caused me to get a lower grade. My academic goal that I have is to when I don’t get a very good score on one of the assignments then I am going to redo it to get a better score and therefor it will change my grade. Also another academic goal I have so I will have an A is to make sure everything is clear to me and to make sure I get everything done the right way and to shoot for fours. My personal goal is to read more at home so I can finish

more books this term then last term.

The Power Of Words

Authors use words to create the stories they are telling. Words make up the whole story which is called a move. There are lots of moves that authors use such as anger, suspense, mystery action, etc. They show those by using figurative language. Dialog also plays a huge part of showing mood, like when the author says “Emily said angrily”. You can tell how the characters are feeling, or how they are saying it. My favorite mood is mystery. It gets you so into the book that you have to keep reading to find out what will happen next, and you can also make a prediction of what will happen in the end. Authors use lots of different words that mean the same thing so you can look at it in different ways. 

What Kind Of Writer Am I

My strengths as a writer is coming up with authors moves and putting them in my story. To me it is just really simple to figure out will go with my story and having it flow. I have a hard time with trying to get ideas for my stories. Once I have my idea I just can’t start the first paragraph, like it doesn’t really work with the rest of my story. I need to work on having the first part of my story going with the rest of my story, so it flows. I also need to work on having my stories be organized, so they aren’t all over the place.


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