How I Will Dominate During 4th Term

I was really proud of myself for getting an A and staying caught up on all my assignments. I had basketball and I would miss English every time I had a game. therefor I had to come in and make it up.  I did really good with keeping up with my assignments and doing them at home and turning them in on time. Before the end of the year I would like to improve on my writing and reading at home. I never read at home and I never make the time for it which I should. My goals before the end of the school year are to improve my writing skills and read more at home. 

How I Feel About How To Kill A Mockingbird

I really enjoyed reading To Kill A Mocking bird. It was worded very well and I liked how she brought the beginning of the story to the end and had it all tied in together. I really liked how she put us in there shoes so we could see what it was like back then. Especially with the trial and how racist people were. At times though it did get a little confusing of what was going on but I just read back through it. Also at times it did get a little boring and wasn’t really my liking. But overall it was a really good experience. 

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