I think that we should not teach Shakespeare because it is hard to read for some kids. It is especially hard for kids that have reading disabilities. Sense it could potentially be hard for some kids they might give up and because they can’t understand it and they will just give up because it is to hard for them and then the six weeks that we study it for will just be a waste of time. For those who give up can become a distraction because they don’t want to learn about it and they have nothing else to do for six weeks.  

Everything I Know or Think I Know About Shakespeare

I really honestly know really nothing about Shakespeare. The only thing that I really know is that he wrote really dramatic plays and poems. The experiences I have had with Shakespeare is that we kinda touched on it last year and read something that he wrote but I honestly don’t remember anything that happened at all. I just remember having it be a little confusing. I except that studying Shakespeare for me is that it wont be my kind of liking and it might get a little boring. I expect that after I do read Shakespeare though is that I will think of it differently and that I might actually like it and will have new incites on many things. 


Being able to assess and grade your own work is very important if you want to do a good job with anything you want to do. Being able to assess whatever you are doing is very important to help you through out your life, with school work, a job anything that you might want to do. Your not always going to have someone right by your side telling you everything that you need to do, change, workout etc., you are going to have to do it for yourself. By assessing for yourself you are showing you what you need to change and being able to fix what you want. 

How I Will Dominate During 4th Term

I was really proud of myself for getting an A and staying caught up on all my assignments. I had basketball and I would miss English every time I had a game. therefor I had to come in and make it up.  I did really good with keeping up with my assignments and doing them at home and turning them in on time. Before the end of the year I would like to improve on my writing and reading at home. I never read at home and I never make the time for it which I should. My goals before the end of the school year are to improve my writing skills and read more at home. 

How I Feel About How To Kill A Mockingbird

I really enjoyed reading To Kill A Mocking bird. It was worded very well and I liked how she brought the beginning of the story to the end and had it all tied in together. I really liked how she put us in there shoes so we could see what it was like back then. Especially with the trial and how racist people were. At times though it did get a little confusing of what was going on but I just read back through it. Also at times it did get a little boring and wasn’t really my liking. But overall it was a really good experience. 

Good Stuff in To Kill A Mockingbird

I choose the quote when Atticus says, “We’re making a step.” “It’s just a baby-step, but it’s a step.” I like this quote because just the littlest of changes can make a big difference in our lives over time. It’s just like the 1% gain article we read earlier this year. In the article it talks about how the little changes we make will make a huge difference over time. It’s just the little steps we take to become better. To me all that matters is if you are trying to get better even if it is just the smallest of changes we make. 

An Authority on Courage and Integrity

I choose my dad. Always do what is right and stand up for what is true. Even if you are the lone wolf and aren’t with the pack. Trust your instincts and what you know is true no matter if you are under pure pressure. If you are in a tough situation go with your gut feeling and what you feel like is the right decision. Everything you do now is gonna affect and impact your life rather if it is now or later. Don’t let anyone lead you away stay on your path no matter what. Always tell the truth no matter what the circumstances are.

Blind Spots

I agree with Atticus and what he said to scout about what was about to happen. Just because someone does something they shouldn’t doesn’t mean they are a terrible person. Everyone has there times when they say something that is offensive or does something that they shouldn’t have done. Everyone makes mistakes and has their own opinion about things. With Walter Cunningham his opinion was that Tom Robinson was a bad man just because of the color of his skin, and that he should be killed. That doesn’t make him a bad person when really he just has a blind spot. 

Real Courage

Real courage to me is doing something you are scared of but do it anyways even though you might not want to. Standing strong the whole time and not giving up. Mrs. Dubose showed real courage by quietening her morphine addiction by having Jem come and read to her so she won’t think about it. To me that takes real courage to stop something that you have done for a long time even though you might not want to or think it is the best thing. She stayed strong and didn’t give up even the times where tuff. She found the best way to make good of the situation and helped others by having Jem read to her. To me that is real courage.

Climbing Into Another Person’s Skin

Atticus means that you need to see through others perspectives and make a far judgement about others. You can’t judge them on how they look, or how they may act. There are many things that you may not know that go on in other peoples life’s. By that means what goes on in peoples lives might change their actions. With knowing that you need to feel and understand what might be going on. You also need to be considerate with others. You need to step back and look at the whole picture, not just the little things you see here and there.

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