January 16

Climbing into Another person’s skin

Climbing into another person’s skin may sound gross or illegal but it’s not. Atticus gives this advice to Scout because he wanted to make sure that she understood that Miss Caroline wasn’t necessarily being unreasonable she was just inexperienced with these sort of people. Atticus also wanted to point out that if you do this people will like you better because they will know that you care about how they see things. When you climb into another person’s skin it helps you more than the person you are trying to understand because it is teaching you a life long skill. Atticus in a pretty good dad because he didn’t solve the problem for Scout but he did give her a way to solve the problem. Whenever you think someone is being unreasonable or rude and they may even be from somewhere new but make sure to try to see the world in there eyes so you know why they acted like that. I know this is kind of confusing but whatever.

January 5


Empathy is when you feel and understand how someone is feeling that you can relate to. You may think its the same thing as sympathy but it really isn’t sympathy is when you can just relate to people. Empathy is a very important skill to have because if you can’t feel and understand someone else there is something wrong with you just being honest. One experience I have had with empathy was on our Advanced women’s choir tour. We had the opportunity to go and sing at primary children’s hospital for about 30 minutes so we were singing our first song when like 5 of us started crying. The crying I can’t say slowly became more because by the end of the song there were only 6 out of 50 people that were not crying. The reason why was because we were empathizing with each other because we all either knew it was a very special place or had had an experience with a sibling or themselves being there for medical help. The empathy I felt was for my Mom because my little sister had brain surgery in September at primary children’s hospital. All my mom could do was hope for good things and even though she was up there for a week with my crying and recuperating sister. So I felt how my mom did at primary children’s hospital

January 3

2nd Semester Goals and Aspirations

In the 1st Semester of this year I think i was best at interpreting text and finding quotes that help bring points across for my essay’s. These are both good  skills but if I want to get better at English I need to change some things.

Goal #1 I need to not procrastinate on work or be okay with turning it in late.  If I succeed in this my year will already be easier because i wont have to worry about homework I may have forgotten to do or that is a week late.

Goal #2 I need to work on staying with one topic throughout my whole essay instead of just part of my essay. This has been what I am most frequently losing points on. Also on my essays I need to remember to fix all the spelling mistakes before I turn it in and reread my paper so I know it flows right.


Those are my 2 main goals for this class for 2nd semester.


December 15

Design Thinking

Designed thinking is a process that repeats itself over and over again. Every App that every has an update, every song that gets rewritten has probably gone through this process. In my English class we did a experiment where we had 8 eight groups each analyze a poem using this process.  Some definitely did better than others but in the end it worked out pretty well. The Design Process is a great way to make things better and be as appealing as possible. One step in the process is to gather data about your audience. This step I felt was the most important because then when my group was trying to figure out what format and information we should do our presentation, all we had to do is look at the survey we did as a class and we could figure out what to write. In the end when we tested out our presentation we got a pretty good score and I am so grateful that the design process could help us.

November 27

Promoting Change

I think that it is our job to promote change in a nonthreatening manner. What I mean by this is that if you see something that needs to change then you need to be willing to help change it by bringing it to someones attention. This is not how people deal with it though usually it is handled by protesting in huge sometimes angry groups.  Promoting change should be one of those things that we want to be doing when we see a problem that you cannot solve alone. When you trying to change something do you automatically think ” I going to make some huge protest posters and go storm the Capital building.” because if you do go get some help from a psychiatrist. When you want to promote change it will most likely go slowly then gradually gain momentum and change. So always remember that when you want to promote change you need to do it in a nonthreatening manner.

November 16

The Wednesday Wars

I really liked this book when I read it in 7th grade. This book is about Holling Hoodhood and thinks his English teacher hates him. At his school all of the students but him are either Catholic or Jewish so they all attend there religious services and Wednesday so Holling is stuck in his English class for the hour that everyone is gone. So his English teacher makes him read Shakespeare during this hour or so every Wednesday. Holling complains to his parents but no one listens to him at home and his sister loves listening to the The Monkees. By Christmas Holling was a Shakespeare genius so he got put in a play at the local theatre where he had to wear bright yellow tights and all the people from his class were there so for the next few weeks everyone at school teased and tortured him because he was wearing bright yellow tights. I recommend this book to everyone.

November 10

How I Define Equality

Equality as I wrote a week or so ago is a very sticky thing. It means something different to every person you meet. To me equality is everyone has an opportunity to do what they want to do in life and isn’t judged or pushed down  because of their race or gender or by how smart they are. When I say everyone has the same opportunities in life that means that everyone should be able to get there dream job or to go on exotic vacations and to get an education. That doesn’t mean that they are going to take that opportunity though. So even what I think is equality isn’t necessarily equal.  Another point is that I know many people that have been bullied or brought down because of their race of because they were smarter so they were bullied and they may never reach their potential. Treating people equal can be a huge topic for discussion because no person will ever give you the same answer. I know this is really badly written but its a blog post deal with it

October 31


I was told I needed to write the useing apprehensive and ominous so yes I used them right here so I’m good. Here’s the story.

It was an ominous night when my friends and I were walking home from a movie. We were about to cross the street when we realized there was this small black car with the headlights off was following us. As soon as we noticed we started to change to coarse from my house to the cemetery. We all started feeling apprehensive the closer we got to the cemetery even though we knew we could lose the car in there so we could call our parents to pick us up. While I was thinking about it the car sped up we realized there was more the one person in the car as it sped past us just enough to cut us off we turned to run but it was to late we hadn’t seen the second car that was tailing the first. We were trapped. Five of the men had pulled out a hand guns and told us to get in the car while we were getting pushed and shoved in the cars they got all of our phones and made sure there was nothing that could show that there was a kidnapping. When I sick of getting pushed around jumped out of the car and started to run shortly after I ran I started screaming in pain I had been shot in the leg. I fell to the ground faster than I had started running. I’m still waiting and hoping someone will come and help us it has been 2 years since that dreadful night. no one has come so I guess I just need to try and run again.

October 25

The Sticky Issue of Equality


To start my post today I am going to share the definition of Equality in my words: Equality is everyone being treated and given the same of everything. Which I personally think makes a Communist Government because everything is the same for everyone accept maybe their jobs. I think again personally that the founding fathers were referring to everyone should be treated equally, for example you don’t judge people because of status or race or the amount of money they make. It is basically the golden rule “Treat others how you want to be treated.” In addition people who are born into wealthy families vs poor families can change how they act towards different things. I think the matter of equality can mean so many different things and can teach us so much. I also beleive that the issue of equality is more a issue of fairness in the eyes of some. To conclude Everyone just needs to treat others with the respect and equality they want for them.