January 5


Empathy is when you feel and understand how someone is feeling that you can relate to. You may think its the same thing as sympathy but it really isn’t sympathy is when you can just relate to people. Empathy is a very important skill to have because if you can’t feel and understand someone else there is something wrong with you just being honest. One experience I have had with empathy was on our Advanced women’s choir tour. We had the opportunity to go and sing at primary children’s hospital for about 30 minutes so we were singing our first song when like 5 of us started crying. The crying I can’t say slowly became more because by the end of the song there were only 6 out of 50 people that were not crying. The reason why was because we were empathizing with each other because we all either knew it was a very special place or had had an experience with a sibling or themselves being there for medical help. The empathy I felt was for my Mom because my little sister had brain surgery in September at primary children’s hospital. All my mom could do was hope for good things and even though she was up there for a week with my crying and recuperating sister. So I felt how my mom did at primary children’s hospital

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5 thoughts on “Empathy

  1. Aubrianna

    Hailey, I remember that! That was such a cool/emotional/fun experience. I feel like we all really bonded, which is exactly what empathy does.

  2. Bela

    I agree that empathy is a very important skill. Especially because if you don’t have empathy people won’t be able to connect with you very well.


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