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Three Dark Crowns Animoto

The Way of Kings

The Way of Kings takes place in a fantasy world of Rashar.  The lighter your eyes are, the better you would live. For example if you have blue eyes you’d live in wealth and were very respected. If you had… Continue Reading →

Blog Post #4: Connector

I felt this picture represented the part in the Three Dark Crowns, that Joseph and Mirabella are “alone” together in. Its the calm before the storm.         This picture represents the naturalist, who relates to nature and… Continue Reading →

Blog post #3: The Way of Kings

I love Brandon Sanderson, and I wanted to read something else from him. Mistborn was awesome and I’ve had a lot of people recommend me The Way of Kings series. I’m almost done with the first book, which I will finish… Continue Reading →

Steelheart final project


Haley’s Book Report: Spinning Silver

Synopsis: This book was a retelling of Rumpelstiltskin. The three main characters who’ve lived vastly different lives, cross paves frequently through out the book. One is destined to be a tsarnia, another the Stahrk queen, and the last one is… Continue Reading →

Blog post #2: Background on Steelheart

They say a newborn child is pure happiness.That when you hear their first cry, you feel a connection to them that you could never even begin to imagine. I never thought that I would have that experience, or that I… Continue Reading →

Blog Post #1: Who I am as a Reader

I learned to read through an old dictionary. My grandma gave me a dictionary that probably weighs about the same as a brick. I was so excited to have it that I would sit down up in the loft of… Continue Reading →

Post #4

e://www.strangemag.com/monkeyman.html The Monkey Man is a newer legend, swarming through out India. It depicts a monster with metal claws that is both monkey and man. It has brought so much terror throughout India, that the name just being said has… Continue Reading →

Post #3

India is full of the technology found in the U.S. But unlike America they haven’t come to know how to effectively protect it. India residents need electronic information to sign up for school, get placed in a data base when… Continue Reading →

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